Hey there – I’m Rikke Hansen – A Career Change Advisor, Podcaster & Entrepreneur With Over 16 Years Experience Of Helping REAL People Just Like You Change Careers Or Start The Right Business IN THE REAL WORLD (No fluff!).

My advice has been featured in a variety of on/offline media sources, including:

Featured in the Guardian
Featured in Huffington post
Featured in The Observer
LBC featured client

I specialise in working with wonderful people in their mid-30s to early 50s – Smart people who often have a tendency to overthink and overwhelm themselves and therefore keep getting stuck in analysis paralysis or distracted by too many new ideas or self-sabotage – And who therefore keep finding themselves back at square one (sound familiar?).

I’ve been providing transition, career change and entrepreneurship advice to over 700 1:1 clients and advised thousands more via my online programmes, videos and talks since 2005 – So rest assured that everything I teach and share is based on what actually works in the real world for my clients – Who are paying me for results – Not for posting fluffy motivational quotes on Instagram!  I also draw on 15 years+ experience of owning an international transition consultancy AND a background in HR for Morgan Stanley, Shell and Citigroup (i.e. I know what it’s like to be stuck in a job you hate!).

As a result, I can offer you the practical know-how, frank advice and proven strategies you need to actually make your business or career transition happen – Whether you are a mid-career professional who feel like you have no (realistic) idea as to what change you want at this stage in your life. Or if you want professional help with figuring out which of your (many!) ideas to pick (or how to combine them;) – I can help you – Fast!

What I Believe

Nobody should have to put up with a soul- sucking job or business when there has never been a better time to design, create or track down a career on YOUR terms!

You didn’t come here to just collect a paycheck, put up with toxic company cultures, office politics or live for your weekends/holidays. You came here to build a career or business around what’s truly unique about you and what you love spending your time doing, thinking and talking about. AND make money doing that!

The world desperately needs more exciting role models when it comes to work. Men and women who create careers and businesses that never existed before OR who make you go “that’s just SO you!” when you discover what they do for a living. My mission is to help YOU become one of them.

The fastest way to change the world is to do what you love – You’ll be able to encourage others do the same and have more energy to do what really matters.

This is your window of opportunity – Don’t wait any longer!

You don’t have to go it alone – I CAN HELP – Reach out now.


On a more personal note

I’m a passionate foodie, voracious reader and lover of Japanese green teas and Taiwanese oolongs. Several months every year I work from new and beloved places around the world where I also immerse myself in the local food, craft, culture, yoga, wellness and entrepreneurial cultures – I have a feeling YOU might be part of (at least) one of those tribes as well!

I was born in the Danish countryside (hence my name “Rikke” – just call me “Ricki”) and grew up surrounded by open fields and the sea. In 1993 I moved to Paris for 3 years (was supposed to be a 1 week holiday…) and have been calling London home since 1996 (although I recently moved 90 minutes south of London – I now live right in front of the sea!).

I spent my twenties working in Human Resources climbing the corporate ladder at Morgan Stanley, Citigroup and Shell. Whilst I did enjoy the people side to my career there, the long hours were exhausting and unpredictable, the culture became increasingly toxic and I was tired of being told when/where/how to work and let’s not even talk about office politics… However, I always knew that I wanted to “do my own thing”, so in 2005 that’s exactly what I did and my transition consultancy was born!

There is nothing I’m more passionate about than helping my clients nail down what they really want to do (and how to translate that into a business  or career they love and that feels like them!) and I continue to lead, attend and participate in advanced training, conferences and masterminds all over the world within my field of expertise. As a result, you will have access to the most cutting-edge information, strategies and resources available in the career change / entrepreneurial world!


To finally just be yourself and create a business or career that truly makes you happy?

If you are still reading – Then I think we will get on like a house on fire!