Career Change : How To Start Your Own Business

Would you love to have your own business or change to become a freelancer? Do you relish the idea of planning your own day rather than being tied to a desk from 9 to 5 and told what to do? Keep reading and I’ll share some quick and easy to implement tips to get you going now!

I wonder what’s holding you back? You don’t know where to start? What kind of business you want? Or maybe you think it’s too expensive and risky to start you own company?

I’ve got some good new for you: You Are Very Lucky!

You are very lucky because the world of business and self-employment has changed so much. And most importantly for you, it’s become a lot easier, faster and cheaper to start and market your own business.

And depending on the business model and/or industry you are going for it’s possible to start a new business with very little money and literally no financial risks! That’s one less excuse to stay in a job you no longer enjoy!

How To Test-Drive Your Career Change Idea:

A great business model for test-driving your career change idea is the laptop/online business model for which all you need is a laptop, an internet connection and a way of accepting payment.

The marketing could be a mixture of blog posts, articles and/or videos to attract clients. The service offering could be 1:1 Skype or phone consultations (or in person, if you prefer though you would be location bound). Or you could develop courses that could be delivered via email or a basic password-protected website.

Alternatively, product websites, pop-up shops, one-off events and food trucks are great ways for test-driving more in-person/retail/product business models and getting instant and invaluable product and concept development feedback + PR!
And you could start all of this on the side whilst still working in your “old job”*

* (just check your employment contract for any conflict first).

Now is a fantastic time to take advantage!

Maybe you’ve got some ideas for your own biz, but don’t’ know how to start or which one to pick? Or, maybe you would love to work for yourself, but don’t know what you want to do? Get in touch ! As an experienced business owner and career change expert I can help you get started! Click here for more information on how to work with me.

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