Career Change: What Can I Get With What I’ve Got?

One of the questions I get asked most frequently from prospective career change clients is “What can I get with what I’ve got?” or, in other words, “What other options are available to me based on what I’ve done so far in my career?” Maybe you’ve even asked yourself that question?

Well, here’s my answer: If you are unhappy and unfulfilled in your current career – why would you want to use it as the foundation for your career change? Why would you want to limit your future career options by insisting on using your career so far as the key factor as to what choices are “available” to you?

You’ve probably only spent 10-15 years in the working world so far and if you haven’t been happy on your career path so far, then why would you want the next 40 years to be heavily influenced by it? Do you see how this way of starting off the career change process keeps you stuck?

Here’s what I recommend that you do instead!

Let me share a key principle that’s behind the way I work and which will instantly open up more avenues for you and get you unstuck:

I believe in career by design, NOT based on what’s available to you due to your past!

When I work with my private clients to get their career change or business off to a flying start, here’s what we really focus on:

What do YOU really want (irrespective of what you’ve done in your career so far)?

Do This: Start by identifying and translating what is unique about you – your personality, your interests and passions and what you are naturally good at – into a career or business on your terms! The way we use your career so far is to identify which of your existing skills you still want to use and experiences you want to build on. Once we have more clarity around what you really want instead, THEN we can look at how to re-invent your past in the light o the future and show how your skills and career history are relevant and deal with gaps. That’s the order.

Using only your past as the foundation to kick of your career change process will literally kill off the majority of options and the creativity and blue sky thinking that is absolutely vital to identifying or creating the career or business that is perfect for you.

So be honest with yourself about what you really want – even blue-sky ideas will initially give you vital clues as to what truly matters to you! So start there! Think big! You don’t get the juiciest, most insightful and productive ideas from a limiting mindset, so go on!

If you are keen to know more about how you can move on, then I suggest that you sign up for my videos and blog posts below. You can also pop over to my website and check out the services I offer. Talk to you soon!

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