Career Change: What Careers Are there?

Would you love to change career or maybe even start your own company? But are you not really sure what careers are out there? Or even what you want to do? Stay tuned – I’ve got some great resources and ideas for you!

Don’t limit your career change options by only looking at job ads, what your friends do for a living or what a quick skim through an A-Z of careers might throw up.

Nowadays new jobs, business concepts, ideas and entire career paths are being created or developed on a daily basis and it would be a shame to just stick with last century options like law, nursing or teaching.

It’s such an exciting time to tailor your career to match you and your terms rather than just sticking with what seems to be available at first sight!

So if you are needing some “out of the box” inspiration for career change ideas – be that as a your own boss or as an employee, here are some great resources for inspiration.

3 of my favourite resources are (subscribe to my blog to get more as I add them):

The first two websites (+ corresponding hard copy/e-version magazines) are full of great business ideas and stories and features lots of role model worthy people. They are also great for tracking down interesting new companies you might want to work for.

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The Good Life Project (GLP) is a truly inspirational web show where Jonathan Fields (I also highly recommend his books) interviews some really interesting individuals who have managed to carve out careers that represents who they really are and the causes they believe in or subjects they are passionate about. Truly personality-based businesses. A great place to get ideas for business models you didn’t even know existed.

Even though most of these resources are from the entrepreneurial world there is no reason why you couldn’t make a business case for them to be created inside an existing company. Or use as inspiration as to what kind of jobs and careers to look for.

These 3 resources will get you off to a good start.

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