Career Change: When Is The Right Time To Change Career?

Are you wondering when is the right time for changing career? And are you currently waiting for ‘your time to come’? Well, keep reading because I’m about to show you how you can stop waiting and instead get started with your career change (even while you are still in your current job!)

Maybe you are feeling stuck and unable to make a career change because of “the current economic climate” or other issues you are feeling are out of your hands?

Well guess what – There is rarely a right time to change career unless YOU make it so!

The Key is to focus on what’s within your control:

Let’s face it – change is a constant and even if the economy picks up for a while, it can easily backslide just as quickly. And guess what…there is nothing you can do about it.

What you can do is look at the areas you DO have some control over – such as how you use your weekends and vacations and even some evenings and your commute during the week. And how you spend and save your money.

The right time to start your career change is really up to you – when you actually make the jump from your current job to your career change job or own business is a different thing (which will happen anyway as part of the career change process ( if you take the appropriate steps mentioned here)).

What I want you to look at is what can you do NOW, so you can actually get started now! This means that you don’t have to wait around for that illusive “right time”!

If you are unhappy in your career, it’s equally risky to stay in a job you no longer enjoy, as that will impact your performance and reputation. Even if you are not ready to jump ship tomorrow (which I would rarely recommend anyway!) – you should really get started on your Plan B at your earliest opportunity – do something – get the ball running.

What is really amazing about getting serious about taking career change steps is that one things leads to anther– like the snow ball effect – I see this happening again and again with my own clients.

Things start happening when you do your part.

Lay the ground work and be consistent and serious about your career change project and opportunities, people and ideas will start appearing. And you want to be ready for those!

Action: Make a 3, 6 or 12 months plan for what you can start doing now to get your career change going.
Volunteer, study, explore, start a blog, start testing, find your first test clients, find a retail space, network, get your website started, get your head around social media, CVs and the current job market etc.

A career change is not a linear process that suddenly happens from one day to the next – it’s a series of small consistent steps that you can start taking now!

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