Career Change: Will I Be “Throwing It All Away?”

Would you love to change career, but are held back by the fear of “throwing it all away”?

Don’t worry – it might seem like a big deal, but keep reading and I’ll show you how to tackle that fear head on, so you no longer have to put up with a job or career you don’t enjoy anymore!

I know how you feel – You’ve worked so hard to be where you are today in your career and even though you no longer enjoy it or have much a of life, there is part of you that just can’t let go. A bit like a dead-end relationship that has truly run its course but where both parties cling on rather than move on.

I’ll tell you a secret – a successful career change is rarely a case of all or nothing – or of throwing it all away.

However, if you want to be happy and fulfilled in your career then clearly something needs to be thrown away! And I’ll help you define and decide what that is!

When a career change is well planned and thought through what you are throwing away is what is NOT working and what is keeping you stuck, unhappy and exhausted. That’s it!

Only by letting go of those toxic elements can you move towards a career on your terms which is uniquely suited to you. As opposed to being something you just put up with.

How To Start The Career Change Process Now:

Action: Take an honest inventory of your career. Identify what IS working and what is not working (an important part of your warm-up for my Private Intensive Day too, by the way). There is always something you can keep and build on – you natural skill set, subject knowledge, qualifications, name dropping etc. Define and own those areas.

Throwing away the rest (a toxic working culture, a subject you don’t care about etc.) is okay since it’s undermining your happiness, potential and maybe even your health.

Sometimes it’s your actual background and career history itself that makes your new venture so attractive to potential clients or employers.

A great example of this is Louise. She changed from a career in IT for investment banks to become an acupuncturist. From the outside it could look like she pretty much “threw it all away.” However, her clients (other investment banking and City employees) knew that she could truly understand and relate to the issues, stresses and experiences they were having at work (something many of her competitors couldn’t). Hence her former career background became one of the biggest selling points for her new career.

There is always something to build on!

Remember: Don’t think of a career change as “throwing away your entire career so far” – it’s been the perfect training ground for your next step!

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