How Perfectionists Sabotage Their Transition (Entrepreneurs & Career Changers)

If you are smart person stuck in your transition into your first or next business or career change, I can literally guarantee you it’s because you are a perfectionist sabotaging yourself – Watch this video to find out what to do about it!

Transcript of Video:

Hi I’m Rikke Hansen from

You are super smart,
You are an over thinker &
You are a perfectionist
Whilst you might take pride in some of those things, I can usually guarantee you, they’re the main reason why you’re stuck in your transition right now.

Why do I say that?

It’s because pretty much every time I work with entrepreneurs, whether they’re new or existing entrepreneurs or if they’re career changers who want to transition, it comes down to this every single time.

Pretty much every day, every week, on Group Q&A Calls for my online courses and in my work with 1:1 clients, I talk about this thing.

The Issue: It’s this whole thing around perfectionists insisting on their transition happening in a certain way, or at a certain speed and with perfection.

Often I hear:

“But if I cannot do this, this and that, then I’m not going to do it at all”


“If I don’t have this amount of time, then I’m not going to do it”


“if it’s not good enough, then I’m not going to do it. I might as well not bother”

This is what I call “The All Or Nothing Scenario”

Can you recognize yourself in that?

Here’s the thing, there is this gap between where you are right now, that thing you really want to transition out of and that place you really want to get to.

There is this gap that you need to cross in order to get to where you want to be.

But fact is, right now you’re probably in a full time job, you’re in a full time business and you cannot dedicate yourself 100 percent to your transition.

Let me tell you right up front, that’s actually a good thing. Dedicating yourself 100 percent of the time to your transition has got its whole own host of troubles, so don’t worry about that.

What matters is how you approach the time you DO have available for your change and that you consistently do the right thing.

So often people are like:

“Oh, but don’t have enough time to change so I’m going to wait until I have the right time”


“I don’t have enough time to get it just perfect so I’m not going to do it”

All or nothing.
Really, let me tell you right now:

You can always start your transition and you can always complete your transition, but whether you do it or not is really up to your mindset and to your attitude. This is where perfectionism sucks.

We live in a world that is not perfect and we live in a world where you have to deal with a lot of circumstances out of your control, especially if you’re building your own business or your next business or changing career, you’re dealing with a lot of circumstances that are out of your hands. Which means you will never get perfection.

What you can aim for is approximation of knowing where you want to go. What that really means is you can focus on what you CAN do right now as opposed to what you CANNOT do.

Rikke’s Strategy:
Switch your mindset (i.e. what you (consistently) say to yourself):

“Oh, but if I cannot do this, it’s not going to happen”

“Well, what CAN I do right now and what can I do consistently every day, every week, every month over the next X amount of time in order to get to where I want to be?”

That mindset shift from perfectionism to approximation and consistency is going to make your transition inevitable.

That’s what I recommend you think every time you feel stuck, every time you feel like you go into that all or nothing perfectionistic mindset.

Action: Ask yourself these 3 questions:

What CAN I start right now?
What CAN stop right now?
What CAN I change right now?

You can always carve enough time out IF it’s important to you, to look at what you can start, what you can change and what you can stop in any given moment. If you’re really stuck right now, just start with:

What CAN I stop right now in order to carve out more time or what’s not working for me, that I can move away from to get more energy and more focus?

What CAN I start changing right now in my business, in my career and what CAN I really start doing that I haven’t done before?

We all have that capacity, if we don’t insist on it being perfect and if we don’t over think it, because that’s where a lot of your time goes down the drain.

What I really want you to get is this:

Every day, no matter how little or how much you do, you create the future you really want.
IF you choose to do so.

An analogy: Think about people who really want to get fit and who think “But, I’ve got a really busy business or a really busy job, I don’t have the time.” Well, if you just carve out a little bit of time, you go to the gym, you go to yoga, you go walking, OVER TIME you get fit. We’ve all got those friends where they’re like, started to get into something, they didn’t necessarily do a lot of it, but they did it consistently and suddenly you see these Facebook pictures where they look amazing, they look super fit, super energetic.

It’s exactly the same thing when it comes to transition within your career, within your business. It’s those small actions you take consistently over time. They’re approximating where you want to get to. That is the biggest change you can make.

Remember: You are creating your future right now.

Why don’t you make the conscious choice that you’re going to be in charge and you’re going to do those small and consistent things that are going to make you cross from A to B and get to where you want to be?

Get out of your head, get over yourself, stop being a perfectionist when it comes to your transition because it’s a losing game. And you know what else? It’s going to make it so much more fun if you do.

Think approximation NOT perfection.

Focus on what you CAN do – NOT on what you CANNOT do.

Because that my friend is how your transition is going to become a reality for you a lot sooner than you think.

Action: If you liked this video, let me know. If you’re on YouTube, like this video, subscribe and come on over to and sign up for a lot more practical and focused information.

Now go be consistent and go look at what you CAN approximate so you can get that transition off the ground and actually make it happen.

Thank you.

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