How To Deal With Feeling Uncomfortable

How do you keep going with your career change or own business efforts when you are feeling uncomfortable?

Don’t give up – Watch this video instead!

It’s my (raw and real) video response to a private client who was going through a hard time.

Video Transcript:

This is a quick video to remind you to keep going.

To keep going for your dreams, whether that’s a career change or starting your own business.

The video is especially for you if you’re feeling really uncomfortable and you’re dealing with a lot of uncertainty.

Let’s talk about how you can KEEP going.

Because here’s the deal:
Whether you’re gonna successfully change careers or start your own business to a large extent it depends on how uncomfortable you’re willing to be and for how long.

Because you’re having to do things you’ve never done before and you’re having to develop parts of you that you never needed before, because until now you’ve just stayed in a very different zone.

Heres’ what I want you to know:

Even if you give up right now, it doesn’t mean uncomfortable feelings are gonna go away.

They’re just gonna change into a whole kind of different feeling, so let’s talk about that.

Let’s make sure that what you’re going through right now, is worth it.

Here’s what life is really about.

Life is all about making choices between what kinds of uncomfortable feelings that you want.

So if your choice is to continue to go for your dreams, then that means that you’re gonna have to learn to deal with uncomfortable feelings of doing things you’ve never done before, of creating a career or a business that might not even have existed before, because it was waiting for you to show up and create it, one uncomfortable action at a time.


You can choose to stay stuck in a job or career you hate and feel really uncomfortable because of that.

Resulting in resentment and regret and just feeling like you’re wasting the best years in your life in a career or a company that doesn’t even appreciate you.

So don’t give up, because giving up is just gonna give you a whole different kinds of uncomfortable feelings that are not gonna be worth it.

I often tell my clients this:

Feeling uncomfortable because you’re reaching for your dreams, it what makes you feel so much more alive that resentment at being stuck ever will.

So next time you feel really, really afraid or uncomfortable, just remember, you’re feeling alive.

And as Joseph Campbell said, that’s really what we are all after, that feeling of feeling fully alive.

That’s what the human experience is all about.

You have no idea how many people go through an entire lifetime and never, ever feel what you’re feeling right now:

That excitement of creating your dreams, that is also uncomfortable at the same time.

Now here’s another method/way of thinking that I use when things get really heavy:

I will choose being uncomfortable over regret any damn day!

I’ll often think ahead to my final moments on this planet, and what I want to feel at that stage.

I wanna be at the stage where I can look back and I will feel awe, love, appreciation for the fact that I dared to continue feeling uncomfortable in order to figure out and throw myself fully into my Life’s work.

I would NOT want the final moments of my life to be of resentment and regret and of what-ifs, because I wasn’t brave enough to allow myself to feel uncomfortable for long enough to figure out what I was truly capable of!

So remember that when you’re really, really stuck and you’re uncomfortable.

It is worth it.

Even if you give up right now, it doesn’t mean uncomfortable feelings are gonna go away. They’re just gonna turn into uncomfortable feelings of a whole different kinds.

Whereas the feelings of being uncomfortable and being scared when it comes to creating your dreams, they are always worth it.

So keep going my friend, you’ve got this. You always got this. Remember the opposite is just even worse, so keep going.

You matter.
Your dreams matter.

You can do this x

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