How To Deal With Uncertainty (Career Change & Entrepreneurship)

Are you wondering if you should put your career change or business transition on hold? Or wait with starting your own business because the world is so crazy right now?


Video transcript: 

Are you wondering if you should put your career change or business transition on hold? Or wait with starting your own business because the world is so crazy right now?

Hi, I’m Rikke Hansen. I run a career change and business design consultancy and I’m getting a lot of emails from you at the moment saying:

“Rikke, the world is so crazy right now because of a certain politician or because of certain political situations or the economy etc. Do you think that I should put my career change or my business transition on hold?”

Heres my honest answer to you up front:

Don’t let the uncertainty of the world impact the certainty of your dreams.

It is still up to you to make your dreams come true…That has NOT changed!

Here’s what I noticed:  A lot of smart people secretly hope that we’re going to go “back to normal” and maybe even you feel that way, but here’s what I can tell you:

This (uncertainty) is the new normal. Things are not going to get any more certain.

The only certainty you really have in your life and in your career is you deciding to focus on the transition you really want to make.

Focus on what you CAN do now and on what IS within your control. AND then make that happen.

Please don’t put your life on hold because of some crazy politician or political decision or the current economy, because here what I know about you:

If you really want to make that transition, the longer you wait, the more uncertain you’re going to get. The world is not going to get any less uncertain, so actually the longer you wait the more uncertainty you’re dealing with.

And here’s what I want you to know: Because the world is so uncertain, there’s never been more amazing opportunities available and those people who grab that opportunity and who go forward and make the transition they really want to make, they will be the most competitive people in the new economy because they have what it takes.

So go ahead and in 6,12 or 18 months when  you’ve made that transition, you’ve built that amazing business, you’ll be pleased that you did. And guess what?! At that stage the world will be even more uncertain than now. But that’s okay because you’ll know how to deal with it.

Don’t put your life on hold. Don’t put your dreams on hold.

This is YOUR time to make that transition and to impact the world positively, because this is exactly what we need right now. We need role models for creating businesses and careers that suit us uniquely. That is how we make the world a better place, not by putting your dreams on hold.

Let me repeat: DON’T  let the uncertainty of the world affect the certainty of your dreams. YOU are STILL the one responsible for making your dreams come true.  

So go out there. Make that change now. In 6, 12, 18, months, when you’re on the other side, you’ll be glad you did and the world will still be as uncertain and crazy as it ever was and ever will be.

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