How To Find The Right Career Or Business After 30

If you’re trying to change career or start your first or next business after the age of 30, then you are likely wondering “what is the right career or business for me?”


If you’re trying to change career or start your first or next business after the age of 30, then you are likely wondering “what is the right career or business for me?”

…And I can imagine you’re probably finding the whole process of career change, or of choosing the right business for you,  really intimidating. Maybe you’re even finding it overwhelming, or when it comes to things like purpose and path, you might even find it downright esoteric.

I’m really glad you’ve chosen to watch this video because what I’ll share with you here is a very pragmatic and intelligent approach to deciding what the right career or business is for you.

I’ve been an advisor in in the field of career change and business design for over 11 years, so what I’ll share with you is exactly what’s worked for my own clients – No pie in the sky here.  I really would hate for you to give up so early just because you’re finding the process intimidating (I promise it doesn’t have to be).

If we haven’t met before, I’m Rikke Hansen, and I’ve spent the last 11 years helping smart people over 30 change careers or design their ideal business.

What I want you to know is that the process does NOT have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be esoteric. And it doesn’t have to be overwhelming IF you know how to approach it.

One of the main reasons why I started my career change and business design consultancy was because of an experience I had when growing up:

I remember very distinctly being given a book called “The Careers A to Z”. This is probably around the ages of 14 and 15. I remember my mom telling me, “These are all the careers, and businesses and jobs you can choose from.” The book was about this size (4 cm).

I remember back then I was thinking, “This is crazy. Are you telling me that me and my personality and the rest of my life, all I have to choose from is a book this size that’s just about prescriptive job descriptions and training requirements?”
I was like, “That doesn’t make any sense to me that you’re giving me a preselected amount of options to choose from.”

But here’s a crazy thing:

What I noticed after I started my career change and business design consultancy is that most people, especially smart people over 30, when they come to the stage where they want to change career, or they want to start their first business (or next business), they literally go back to the same approach. And that’s why they are stuck. 

They look at what careers exist out there, what businesses exist out there – Wondering which ones are most suitable for them – But they STILL pick from a preselected amount of options.

The world of work has changed so much. You no longer have to put up with just traditional choices like nursing, or teaching, or law, or just look at what kind of businesses your mentor might be doing. Look much more broadly than that. This is where you’re stuck.

Here’s the big thing I want you to take away from this:

I teach my clients not just to look at what’s available out there in terms of ready-made careers or businesses (at least not as a starting point).

What I want you to do instead is to look for individual ingredients from different careers, from different businesses, curate them broadly and THEN pull them together and design your own unique business, your own unique career.

Then look at what it most closely approximates or launch it, design it, and create it for yourself.

Know this: You have so many more opportunities that you could possibly imagine.

But the way to go about it, to make it non-intimidating and non-esoteric, is to go out there and identify individual ingredients, and then combine them in the way that perfectly suits you.

That is especially why I’m always recommending self-employment and entrepreneurship because it really gives you that opportunity to design something that uniquely works for you. Go out there and do that.

Want help with this? Inside of my online courses and in my 1:1 client work, I teach you exactly how to choose ingredients and where to find them. Just get in touch via my contact page on this website and let me know what you need.

Share this video with friends: If you have any friends over 30 who are looking to change careers, start their first or next business, then by all means share this video with them and get busy.

Get out there and curate individual ingredients. Life is too short to just pick from prefabricated careers and businesses that are going out of fashion anyway. Curate and design your own instead!


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