How To Get Out Of Your Head And Into Action

How to get out of your head and into action with your career change or with starting your own business.

Video Transcript: 


Overthinking – Do you do it a lot?

Get caught in endless loops of get overthinking?

And interestingly, you still haven’t changed careers or started your own business…?

If you can relate to that, then this video is absolutely for you!


One of the most effective ways intelligent people sabotage their career change or their first business efforts is to overthink everything to death and to actually never get out of their own head.


If that’s you, then please listen in.


I’ve got a highly concrete tool that you can apply next time you get into one of those overthinking loops.


Here’s what I know about you:


You are probably trained and paid to be an overthinker.

As a transition advisor over the last 12 years, a lot of my clients have come from environments where you are literally paid to overthink, paid to identify worst-case scenarios and areas where something might not work out or probably won’t work out.

However, it’s precisely when you apply that very mindset and training to your career transition that you are screwed, right?


I really, from the button of my heart, want you to get this:

The majority of smart people who don’t end up making a career change or start their own business it’s because of this behaviour.

It is because their transition never gets any further than their own head, where they overthink and overthink and try to find enough reasons why something might not work.


…Or they feel they don’t have enough information.

…Or that it’s not perfect enough.

…Or not all their ducks are lined up in a row.

So they (think they) cannot take action.


…Can you relate?


 If you only change one thing in the way you approach your transition, make it this – Next time you are inclined to overthink or over-research, ask yourself this:


What is the ONE action I can take right now to get more clarity on this issue?


What is the ONE decision I can make right now that it is going to allow me to move forward?


Changing careers or starting your own business is a result of lots of small actions and lots of small decisions.

It therefore follows that unless you become very good at taking action on a regular consistent basis and at making decisions on a regular consistent basis, your transition will not happen.


That’s likely also why you are currently stuck and why your transition hasn’t happened yet.

Here’s what I want you to do, you smart, intelligent person:


STOP overthinking and START doing and deciding.


And yes, it is going to feel totally abnormal initially.

Especially if you are a lawyer, a finance person, an IT person, or pretty much anyone who’s paid to identify mistakes, faults, risks and who’s paid to look into why something might not work out.


You’ve likely been spending the last 5, 10, 15-plus years overthinking and catastrophising.

Don’t be like that when it comes to your transition.


Rather, become an entrepreneur.

Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or not is irrelevant.


But if you want to make a transition – Whether that’s a career change or starting your business – Start behaving like an entrepreneur.


What can you do right now?

What can you ship?

What can you implement?

What can you decide in order to move out of your head and into the real world?


Your career transition will only take place once you get out of your head and into the real world.


Stop hiding behind the computer, come out, and connect with people.

Connections and opportunities come via other people.

Take one action today – Get out of your head and into the real world.


…Now…You might be sitting there right now thinking, “Yeah, but Rikke how do I know what an action is or what a decision is?”


An action or a decision is highly concrete.


Overthinking is NEVER concrete.


An action is calling someone, meeting someone and going somewhere.


Ideally something that involves you getting out from behind your computer and connecting with other people.


Decisions have a clear before and after.


Aim to get out of that cloudy, overwhelming overthinking tendency and into specific and concretes.


That is how your transition is going to happen for you.


Come over to to get a 1-pager with 3 concrete actions you can take straightaway to identify what the right career or the right business is for you.

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