How To Network To Change Careers Or Start A Business

Traditional networking doesn’t work if you’re a career changer or new entrepreneur!

So make sure you watch this video for a non-sleazy alternative that works for both introverts and extroverts!

Video Transcript:

Let’s talk about networking.

More specifically, let’s talk about networking if you’re an aspiring career changer or a new entrepreneur.

If there’s one word that makes you uncomfortable, it is probably networking, right?

For most people is like, “Oh God, I’d rather do anything else but network.”

But here’s the deal: Done right networking is one of the tools that can fast track your transition into new career or into your own business faster than almost anything else.

However, only when done correctly.

This is especially important when you’re in transition, so what I’ll share with you in this video is my unique take on networking that I’ve developed specifically for career changers and new entrepreneurs.

The good news:

My approach works whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert!

Because what you’ve probably noticed is the kind of networking you might’ve been doing up until now is not working for you. You don’t feel comfortable doing it.

I totally get that!

When I first started my career transition consultancy back in 2005 (I’m a professional career transition advisor), I used to do the old school networking too and very quickly realised I did not enjoy it.

It was not my cup of tea and I’m an extreme extrovert!

I love meeting people, but most of that old school networking just didn’t really appeal to me.

I’ve also always felt very protective of my clients. I could see that classic networking did not make them happy either.

So what I’ve therefore designed and developed over the years is a totally alternative approach that’s going to work for you – So listen in.

The most important thing to think about is this:

You should only be connecting and networking with people you actually want to connect with in the first place.

Wow, doesn’t that make you relax already?

Here’s what I want you to do.

#1 Replace “Networking” With “Building A New Group Of Friends”

What does a network really consist of?

It consists of people.

But the most important thing, the way I teach networking, is you should only to connect with people you truly want to connect with and who could double as friends.

So forget about traditional networking – What you need to do as a career changer or as an entrepreneur, is to build a new group of friends who can help you with your transition or with your new business because they are ALREADY plugged in to the arena you want to get into.

So what we’re going to be doing now, you just got to go out there and you’re going to make friends.

Make friends with people who are already plugged into the arena you want to enter!

#2: Network Like A Career Changer / Entrepreneur – NOT Like Someone Who Hates Their Job

So here’s what I mean by that.

If you’re in a job right now that you don’t enjoy or you’re in a profession that you really do not care about, then probably the kind of networking you’ve traditionally done has been really embarrassing, really sleazy (and you did not want to be there!).

Remember, if you are wanting to change careers or start your own business, it’s because you want to move into a line of work or profession or industry where you truly have an interest in the subject.

You are passionate about it.

You want to talk about it.

You want to know everything you can about it.

AND you should therefore WANT to connect with other people in that world – Those are the only people you should want to connect with and make friends with!

So remember, you’re not going to ask someone to give you a job you hate.

You’re not going to talk or ask about a subject or profession you don’t care about. Or have no interest in.

Instead – You are going in to make friends in the industry you want to move into or build a business in.

You are connecting with people you truly want to connect with and make friends with.

That’s the difference.

Remember – You are only going to look for people who have that non sleazy, passionate interest in common with you.

THAT’S what you connect around.

Nothing to be embarrassed about, right?

#3: It’s Never Been Easier To Identify, Connect & Collaborate With Those Those Friends You Just Haven’t Met Yet

Here’s what I mean by that.

When you and I grew up (I don’t know about you, but most of my clients are in their 30s and 40s (I’m 44)) – We always heard this thing about six degrees of separation between you and the person you wanted to get in touch with.

Since the introduction of the Internet, that’s gone down to four degrees of separation.

It gets even better – Twitter studies from some years ago show this.

If you use social media for connecting with people, let’s say Twitter, Linkedln, Facebook or Instagram, AND you do it on a community level (I.e let’s say you want to transition into working with healthy food or you want to transition to working with wine, that’s a community level).

On a social media COMMUNITY level that degree of separation goes down to just three degrees of separation.

But even more interestingly, when you look at a niche level that degree of separation goes down to just two degrees of separation!

Let’s say rather than healthy eating, you’re niching in on gluten free – Or rather than just wine, you’re niching in on Pinot noir from New Zealand – That’s niche level. At that level the degree of separation goes down to 2%.

Just think about that for a moment.

Once you get clear about what you want to do and you’re really niching down, you are able to easily connect with and identify the most amazing network, the most amazing friends out there.

In a similar industry, in a similar business, in a similar career, and reach out and connect and collaborate.

So get specific – I’m big on this with my clients when I work with them!

The more specific you can be about what you want to do, the easier it’s going to be (using the right tools) to identify and connect with your best friends who are going to double as a network to really make your career change happen!

As an example – Let’s say right now you are a lawyer and you really want to transition into advising on healthy eating. The sooner you can niche down to what kind of healthy eating it is – Let’s say gluten free or Paleo – And you start connecting with the right kind of people, be around them, make friends with them. The sooner your career change is gonna take off, the sooner your business is going to take off.

So here’s the deal.

Be Yourself.

Get out there and connect with people you truly want to connect with because you have a non-sleazy, non-embarrassing passion, interest and subject in common that you can connect around.

Remember, it’s never been easier.

It’s no longer six degrees of separation.

We are down to four and even three and two degrees of separation – Depending on how niched you get.

Why would you not want to access that kind of amazing tool?!

So get out there!

Doesn’t that just sound so much more doable, realistic and exciting?!

We’re wired to connect. Make it work for you.

For a lot of people, this fear of reaching out or of networking is tied to confidence issues.

Want my best videos on confidence and imposter syndrome and how to make you career change or your first business happen?

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