How To Stop Overthinking (Career Change & Entrepreneurship)

If you have a tendency to overthink your career change or business ideas to death rather than take action on them – This video is for you – Get ready to get out of your head!


What happens when you get an idea for your career change or for your own business?

Do you start getting really excited, start thinking about all of the ways in which it could work, all of the ways in which you’ll be the right person for doing it, all of the ways in which it will be just perfect and amazing? You start test driving it in the real world to get feedback, to make up your mind whether it’s the right thing. Does that sound like you?

Or, are you the kind of person that when you get an idea for your career change or for your own business, you start overthinking it straight away? Overthinking it into this loop of why it might not work, why you might not be the right person, somebody’s already doing it. Why you shouldn’t be doing it? How come you’re not qualified enough and la di dah di dah…You get into a downward spiral.

You pretty much overthink your idea before it even gets a chance to leave your own head.

Can you relate to that?

If so, I’m dedicating this video to you, the Overthinker.

If you have a habit of overthinking your ideas to death instead of giving them the air they need to become a reality, that’s you.

I really want you to stop suffocating your dreams and, instead, I want you to give them air.

Here’s the thing: If you don’t change your overthinking – And if you really want to change career or start your own business or your ideal business – If you don’t change your overthinking habit, your ideas will never get any further than your own head. They will literally be suffocated by the lack of air, because you insist on overthinking them.

What that means is that you’ll get to the end of your life, and you will look back at a whole host of suffocated ideas and dreams.

What I would love for you is to look back and, instead, look at a whole host of ideas and dreams that you brought to life, which resulted in the most amazing life possible.

Trust me, I understand if you’re finding it difficult. My name is Rikke Hansen and I work with a lot of smart people, just like you, a lot of smart overthinkers.

In my work as a transition advisor, where I advise smart people on career change and on entrepreneurship, I see this issue all the time.

Between you and I, I’m a recovering overthinker myself. Trust me, I get it!

Here’s the thing I notice: A lot of people come to me from environments where they’re literally paid and trained to overthink. A lot of professional services, a lot of legal professions, IT professions, finance professions etc.

In a lot of professions, you are literally paid and trained to overthink. You are paid to look for reasons why something would not work. You’re paid to look for threats, you’re paid to look for competitor issues.

Don’t adopt that mindset when it comes to your transition!

Clearly, you need to do due diligence, but you also need to stop overthinking ideas before they get out of your head.

When you come to your career change with the mindset of overthinking, you’re really going to kill your dreams instead of giving the oxygen that getting them out of the head will give them.

What I want to do in this video with you is to show you ways in which you can learn to get out of your head. Here’s the thing:

Your dreams and your ideas never become a reality unless they get out of your head, and you start applying them in the real world.

Let’s talk about how you can do that, because there are very practical ways of doing it. I promise you, it’s possible to rewire so that instead of overthinking, you actually start test driving.

The key to stop overthinking, killing your ideas and killing your dreams, is to get into the mindset of test driving.

Or, in other words, to date your ideas.

I always use the love analogy.

How do you know someone is right for you?

How do you fall in love with someone?

You go on dates, right?

That is how it works, and it’s always worked.

When you get a great idea – How can you start dating that idea?

How can you start test driving it in the real world to know whether that’s right for you?

Here’s where I want to challenge you.

If you’re so damn smart, remember don’t just rely on what happens inside your head.

The fact is if you’re going to change career or if you’re going to start your own business, you need the real world to pay you for your idea.

Let’s get your idea out of your head, and let’s get some real world feedback so you can make an intelligent, much more intelligent, decision than if you just stayed in here (inside your head), all right?

I always give my clients challenges to help them test drive and date their ideas.

A classic example could be that you actually put on an event.

Let’s say you want to start a business – Put on an event for that business.

See if you even like it, see if it’s commercially viable.

Obviously you put on more than one event, but one date with your idea could be you putting on an event.

It could be you going on a course to learn more about it.

It could be you interviewing somebody doing what you want to do.

It could be you starting a blog about it, or even doing videos like this, to see whether you actually care enough about it to continue blogging or making videos about it.

It could be you investing in a company to get close to certain people – Because you want to understand what that profession or what that industry is all about.

It could be you work shadowing someone.

There’s so many ways you can test drive it.

As a matter of fact, inside of one of my courses, your Career Change Map, I have a whole load of ideas, like literally hundred ideas, as to how you can test drive your idea. Why?

Because the ONLY way your dreams and your ideas can come true – And the ONLY way your career change and your transition is going to happen – Is IF those ideas get out of your head and into the real world.

Stop overthinking and start test driving.

I want you to really get that, because it’s totally possible.

And test driving is so much more fun than overthinking anyway!

If you’re the overthinker then you’re literally killing your dreams with your overthinking.

Let’s get them some air, get them out of your head, test drive them in the real world.

Give yourself a chance to fall in love with them.

Once you have that experience of getting your dreams and your ideas out of your head and falling in love with them, you will never look back.

And that’s when your transition will actually happen!

Note: If you like this video, come on over to

I’ve got something really special over there for you, so you can get started and back on track with that transition you really want to make. Whether that’s a career change, starting your own business or revamping the one you already got.

Thank you.

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