Is 2014 A Good Year To Change Career?

Are you wondering if 2014 is a good year to change careers (because 2013 kinda flew by …just like 2012)? Maybe you are hoping the economy will pick up, we’ll have another scorcher of a summer and that things will (somehow) finally align for you? Or instead you might be worried the economy will bomb, the summer will be a washout and that you better not mess around?

If this kind of thinking pattern is familiar to you, then don’t be surprised if you are feeling disempowered or stuck. That’s because it makes you wait for factors outside of your control to change first – thereby keeping you and your career in a holding pattern limbo. And I’m sure that’s not how you want to (continue to) live your life.

If you are currently unhappy in your career, then I want you to imagine getting to the end of 2014 and still be in the same job – How would that feel? If you are getting a negative, almost physical or visual response or reaction to that question, then it’s time for you to take matters into your own hands and move on.

So here’s the good news:

2014 is a fantastic time to change career, if YOU decide it is!

Let me explain. Most people who successfully changed careers, started businesses or even wrote a book rarely did it during “ideal” times or circumstances. As matter of fact some of the most successful businesses were started during a recession, career changes were made whilst planning a wedding, moving house or during a health crisis. And that bestselling first book was written during the morning commute to a less than ideal job.

What those career changers had in common was that they made the decision to change first. And then they took step by step action from that place of full commitment.

They didn’t wait for factors outside of themselves to line up first because they had a sense of personal urgency. A sense of not wanting to waste their life or potential away any longer. A strong sense of “I’ve had enough and life is too short.”

Changing careers or starting your own business is not something that happens overnight, so you want to start before you feel ready!

That’s because career change and clarity around what you really want only happens as you make decisions and then continue to take step by step actions that then continue to show you the right path as you go along. Are you ready?

Don’t worry, you don’t’ have to go it alone – I’m here for you. Click here to know more about how I can help you. Or subscribe to my newsletter/blog below. Here’s to making 2014 the year you decide AND take action to change! As opposed to faffing around hoping that things will (somehow) change. Imagine what you could be celebrating this time next year!

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