Is Staying Worth The (Real) Cost?

Have you noticed how difficult it can be to go from thinking about a change to actually making it? Time to look at the (real) cost of staying (stuck)!


Hi, I’m Rikke Hansen from

If you’re watching this video, there’s a big chance it’s because you want to make a big change in your career or in your business, as an entrepreneur or as a career changer.

However, have you noticed how it can be really difficult to go from wanting to make a change to actually making it because you might not want it badly enough or because you might not have enough reason to do it, or maybe you’re not able to look objectively at your situation?

Good news:

There are some great tools that can help you get out of your head and actually realize what’s at stake.

Think about it, you are truly wasting your life away, day-by-day, right now if you’re in a job or in a business you don’t enjoy.

What I want to do today is get really personal and share quite a brutal tool (for lack of a better word) that you can use to really get immediate clarity.

This tool is called The “Would You Take Your Child To Work” Test.

Don’t worry if you don’t have children (I don’t), you will see why it makes sense. Just listen in, and then apply it.

The reason why I thought about this tool, which has worked successfully for my clients, is because last week I went to one of my favourite barre class studios here in London (Xtend Barre – A ballet/cardio/pilates class) and the owner had taken her child to work for the day. This cute little guy who is probably about five years old.

The Happy Child:

I was watching him because I was early waiting for my class. His mom was behind the counter taking care of her business – She’s both an instructor and also running the place, she’s amazing at it. He was watching her instruct a class, interacting with the clients, doing PR. She was totally in her element (so was his dad, by the way, who is also working there).

This was a kid who was getting loads of cuddles and able to observe his parents fully self-express, doing what they’re really good at, what they’re passionate about.

He just looked so happy, so safe, so content, because of course he is:

He’s got parents who are showing him that you can make a living doing what you’re really good at. You can enjoy it, you can impact other people.

This kid is going to grow up knowing that he can do whatever he wants to do as a business owner, in a career, that it’s possible to make money by using your unique skills and to enjoy it.

The Contrast:

Contrast that with a client I had a couple of years ago, who was a very successful banker, but who desperately wanted to start his own business in sports.

I remember very, very clearly us sitting having the conversation. I was helping him design the business, helping him narrow down what he really wanted to do. Then he looked at me and he was like:

“I really want this change, but I have two children at home, two beautiful girls that I love very much. I’m a banker, I’m the main bread winner and I’m so worried about chucking this all in. I’m paying for a fantastic education for my kids. I don’t want to do this for them.”

I was like, “Wow, let me be really frank with you for a moment…”

This is actually how I developed this tool. By the way, he was really unhappy in his career. I said to him:

“Imagine you were to take your two girls with you to work for the day. They were to follow you around everywhere, both inside and outside of your head – How you’re feeling, how you’re doing.

Do you really want to be there?

Are you fully self-expressed?

Are you happy?

Would they see the kind of dad you actually want them to see?

Or would they see someone who was really depressed, didn’t want to go to work, didn’t like the company culture, who really had to force himself to get through the day?”

That’s what they would see. He agreed with that.

They would see someone he didn’t want them to see.

That really shifted something in him, and it can shift something in you, as well.

Let me ask you:

Would you be happy to have your children (or imaginary children, or people you really love and would like to be a role model for) follow you around for the day at work?

Would you give them hope and inspiration that it’s possible to build a life around who you really are – A business or career around what you’re really good at, what you enjoy, the experiences you want to have?

To give that child hope that work means joy, work means self-expression and really wanting to be there?

For this guy, he knew that wasn’t the case. He knew that the biggest gift he could give his children was to make that change and start that business.

How He Made The Change:

We worked out a plan, so over the course of a year he was building and testing the business on the side, and then he could make a jump as he would already have proof that it was financially viable.

Over To You:

I want you to think about your own situation: Would you be happy having your child coming to work with you and what would they see/feel?

This is clearly a tool that can seem quite brutal, but you might need it to give you a clear indication as to how much of a change you need and why you really should be doing it.

Remember: We are all role models to people. We all have people who love and care about us, and who we want to inspire. Especially children.

Is This You?

If right now you’re in a situation where you’re stuck in your career or in your business and you would feel really uncomfortable having your kids seeing who you turn into the moment you walk through that door at work or in your business, then you know that you need a change.

I want you to tap into that change and remember you’re not just doing it for yourself: You’re doing it to inspire those people who you love and who need you.

Go do the test: Would your current work scenario pass it?

Don’t just do it for yourself, do it for the ones you love, and then go make that change.

Please share this video with someone you know who needs to hear this – Life is too short to waste away in a job or business  that doesn’t allow us to be unapologetically ourselves.

Thank you.




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