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    The Career Change Podcast – Links To All Episodes:

    #1 How This Podcast Will Help You Start The Right Business Or Change Careers

    #2 Too Many Ideas Or Passions? How To Choose

    #3 Stuck In Analysis Paralysis? Do This Instead!

    #4 Is Now The Right Time To Change Career Or Start A Business?

    #5 Perfectionism Equals Fear Of Failure

    #6 Does It Take Too Long To Change Careers?

    #7 What If I Don’t Have Enough Experience?

    #8 Am I Too Old To Change Careers?

    #9 Am I Making The Right Career Change Decision?

    #10 Distractions And Uncertainty

    #11 What If My Business Idea Already Exists?

    #12 How To Stop Talking Yourself Out Of Your Career Change

    #13 Why You Haven’t Changed Careers Or Started That Business…Yet!

    #14 How To Stay Motivated During A Career Change

    #15 How To Stop Comparing And Despairing On Social Media After 35!

    #16 How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

    #17 Do You Really Have To Retrain?

    #18 How To Stop Overthinking!

    #19 What To Do When Career Change Feels Uncomfortable

    #20 How To Network When Changing Career

    #21 The Career Change Confidence Myth

    #22 Should You Just Be Grateful For The Job I Already Have?

    #23 Should I Quit My Job?

    #24 How To Worry (Constructively!)

    #25 Is It Too Risky To Not Change Career?

    #26 How Perfectionism Is Sabotaging Your Career Change

    #27 Should You Turn Your Passion Into A Business?

    #28 How To Avoid Making THE Wrong Career Change Decision

    #29 How To Stop Putting Your Career Change On Hold

    #30 Will I Throw It All Away If I Change Careers?

    #31 What Can I Get With What I’ve Got?

    #32 Confidence First Aid For Career Changers

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    Get My Best Work + Ask Questions For The Career Change Podcast!

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