Do You Really Have To Retrain?

Do You Really Have To Retrain? (Episode 17 / The Career Change Podcast)

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Episode 17: Do You Really Have To Retrain?

Worried about having to retrain completely if you want to change careers or start a new business?

Still stuck in that profession you’ve totally outgrown because you are worried about not being “qualified” to do anything else?

Over 35 or wondering if you’ve left it too late?

This episode is for you!

You might be surprised to discover that most of my career change and entrepreneurship clients over the last 15+ years did NOT have to go back to university full-time to retrain in order for them to get cracking with their career transition.

In this episode, I share my 3 key principles that made this possible for them!

What if it were your own (mistaken/out-dated;) assumptions about how career change really works after 35 that are holding you back the most?

What if the new world of work is actually offering more, rather than less ways to transition into something new?

And what if your age and work track record so far could actually be used as a starting block, as opposed to being a liability?

Oh and there’s more ;)

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