Don’t Let Waiting Become A Habit!

Don’t Let Waiting Become A Habit! (Career Change)
The Career Change Podcast Episode 45

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The Career Change Podcast Episode 45:
Don’t Let Waiting Become A Habit! (Career Change)

Have you fallen into a procrastination-shaped hole with your career change or business plans?     

 I’ve noticed a real tendency amongst aspiring career changers over 35 who put their career change on hold during the COVID-19 pandemic over 3 years ago: They  are STILL  stuck in careers or jobs they hate and STILL not creating a career or business to look forward to instead. 
Groundhog Day, anyone?!

Don’t let waiting become a habit!

This is a frank and honest episode designed to help you nail your transition in an ever-evolving world where COVID-19 in hindsight almost seems like the warm-up band.

Make sure you listen if you want to understand why waiting and procrastination are such pernicious self-sabotage patterns and how to (finally) get going with your transition once and for all!