Help – I Hate Selling Myself!

Help – I Hate Selling Myself!
The Career Change Podcast Episode 40

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Episode 40 The Career Change Podcast:
Help – I Hate Selling Myself!

Do you hate blowing your own trumpet/tooting your own horn?
Feel like sleazy a second hand car sales person the moment you start “selling yourself?”

I get it – Selling has a bad rep!

But let’s be clear – The ability to “sell yourself” well is a key part of a successful career (change) and of being a profitable business owner – So please don’t ignore the elephant in the room.

Hit play on this episode to discover a whole new way of thinking about selling – One that will help you go from self-promoter to value provider because you understand why selling is NOT about you.

Yep – It’s absolutely possible to “sell yourself” in a non-sleazy way – Get ready to change your mind, feel empowered AND speed up your career transition in the process!