How This Podcast Will Help You Start The Right Business Or Change Careers


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Episode 1:
How This Podcast Will Help You Start The Right Business Or Change Careers

Listen To Discover:

  • Who The Career Change Podcast Is For And How It Can Help You
  • Why Getting Used To Reinvent And Change Careers After 35 Is Becoming The New Norm
  • How To Start Future-Proofing & Why Starting Now Is Key
  • Learn To Identify The Things That Sabotage Your Efforts
  • Why Staying Stuck In The Job You Hate Is The New Risky
  • Get To Know Rikke 

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Full Transcript Of Episode 1:
How This Podcast Will Help You Start The Right Business Or Change Careers






Intro: Welcome to The Career Change Podcast – Where you’ll discover the frank and practical advice and resources that are already proven to work in the real world when it comes to changing careers, or figuring out what business is right for you, when you are a smart but likely also stuck, overwhelmed, or overthinking person in your mid 30s, your 40s to your mid 50s.

I’m your host, Rikke Hansen, a career change advisor, entrepreneur, and former corporate HR professional with over 15 years experience of helping thousands of people just like you identify or create careers or businesses that are both meaningful and future-proof. Welcome home!

Hey, it’s Rikke Hansen here and welcome to Episode 1 of The Career Change Podcast – 15 years in the making.

I’ve designed this first episode to help you figure out if this is the right podcast for you or not.

So we’ll talk about both you and me to make sure we get on like a house on fire.

Episode 1 is a little bit like a weather forecast. What can you expect going forward.

So we’ll talk about who this podcast is for, and also the topics and subjects we’ll cover going forwards – We’ll talk about how this podcast will help you change careers or figure out what business to start.

Now, here’s the most important thing and what I really want you to experience whilst you’re listening to this podcast: You’ll feel seen, you’ll feel heard and understood, like I really “get”you.

I am going to be entering into conversations and monologues that are likely already happening in in your own head and I’m going to verbalize the things you might have been thinking about for years or months. And that also means that you might be feeling a bit like a hypochondriac at several times throughout this podcast episode, especially when we talk about the things that might be getting in your way. That is a good thing. I want you to feel like a hypochondriac! That is a great sign that you are in the right place. I really want you to feel like you are in good hands and I can help you.

And of course I’ll tell you a little bit about myself and my background – People are always really curious about my accent for some strange reason!

But let’s address something right up front. Because you might be wondering, 

“Well, great Rikke, but why should I listen to you?”

Good on you if you think like that, you definitely want to choose your career change advisors, your entrepreneurship advisors very carefully.
In a world where everyone are all over social media giving careers advice and change advice. So you definitely want to make sure you choose someone who has a solid proven track record of both advice and results, especially if you’re in your 30s, your 40s or your mid 50s, you want to make sure that person really gets what you’re up against.

So let’s talk about that briefly to get that sorted.

In an nutshell, The Career Change Podcast is for you if you want proven and practical advice and resources for for figuring out your WHAT – What is it really that you want to do next, whether that’s reinventing and future proofing your career, changing careers or starting your own company or deciding what online business to start or combining all of that into a portfolio career.

This podcast will help you figure out what you really want, by sharing with you stuff that’s already proven to work in the real world for people just like you.

Since 2005, I’ve been a professional career change advice and entrepreneur, and I worked one to one with over 700 individuals, smart men and women from all over the world. And I’ve also advised thousands more via my online program, Your Career Change Map, and via talks and videos and other group and online settings.

So what that means for you is that I am not not just intimately familiar with and understand exactly what you are going through in your own career transition journey right now.

But most importantly, I can actually help you move on and do something about it! It’s what I’ve been doing for the last 15 years.

So I’m very much starting The Career Change Podcast to help even more people change careers and/or start the right business after 35 by sharing with you the advice, the strategies and the resources that have most consistently worked for my own clients in the real world over the last 15 years, that also what is working in the current economy and what’s going to work in the future of work. We’ll talk about all of that


Most of all, what I can promise you is that The Career Change Podcast is going to be a frank and honest conversation, the good, the bad, the ugly and the beautiful.

As opposed to just what’s trendy, or what looks good, or what’s popular, or what people want to hear. I call a spade a spade, I promise you.

I’m an advisor. And what that really means is that my clients, they pay me for advice that gets results. And that works in the real world. 

I cannot get away with just posting vague, fluffy quotes over on Instagram or make unqualified guesses. This needs to work in the real world for people who have real lives!

Probably like yourself – You are 35 to 55, you got real life issues to deal with, in addition to career change and entrepreneurship.

You might have children, mortgages, ex wives, ex husbands, health issues, stress issues, and then you layer on the state of the world and of the economy and the fears and the worries…And you really need to know what you’re dealing with!

So if you don’t like a direct style that talks about the good, the bad and the ugly, then you’ve been warned!


Now, here’s the frank deal.

When it comes to careers, we are all going to have to change either very soon, or over the coming months and years, and not just once. But several times .

Adaptability is becoming key.


The whole idea of a “job for life” or “one business for life” is outdated.

It already has been for years. So you better be in charge and you better be the front runner for that.

The world of work as we know it, it’s changing by the minute and the whole concept of professions and careers and business is becoming very fluid.

It’s not just about a one off event, you change careers, or you start your own business and then you’re all sorted.

No, we are all going to have to get used to and get good a transition.

And that’s actually a good thing for those of us who want to do that. And it should be a motivation right?

Those of us in our mid 30s, or 40s, or mid 50s, the Gen X or early born Millennials, we are the ones with the experience.

And we still have so many years left to work ahead of us.

But I also get that we are actually the first generation ever, to having to get used to reinvent and change in midlife and to continue to do so.

We literally have more possible Work Selves and opportunities and different careers, different businesses ahead of us than any other generation before us.

And at the same time it can seem like we have so few role models for how do we do this?

And it can also seem like “Where’s the advice for all of this?”

I’m sure you’ve had that experience, right?

What is the advice for those of us over 35 when we want to change careers or start our own business – Where is the help and advice?

That is exactly what I want to do with The Career Change Podcast.

To show you how it really works and what you can do and all of the opportunities that exist.

So together we can make the coming years the best years of your work life.

Because what I really noticed is, and I know this from my clients, and that’s just increasing, it can be really easy to feel lost in this new world of work or even intimidated by it.

And then you’re human too, which means that you have the negativity bias, ie you’re wired to focus more on the negative things and the risk and the fears and the worries.

What I want to do instead with The Career Change podcast is to show you that there are so many developments in the world of work that can actually be advantageous for you, the front runner career changer, and the entrepreneur and work in your favour.

Because often what I see happening, and again, this is just increasing with people over 35:

Instead of getting excited about the future and instead of getting excited about the careers and business they they could do going forward.

They often spend a lot of energy on regrets and on being really upset with themselves about what could have been and what they should have done. 

Or it being too late or they’re too old.

I promise you, you can use that energy so much better. I really want to focus your attention on all of the ever expanding opportunities that already exist and are increasingly becoming available for creating careers, or businesses that are both exciting and meaningful AND pay the bills when you’re over 35.

The biggest blocker when you’re over 35 is often that most people – Maybe yourself included – Are only literally aware of probably 10% of the possibilities and options they have for alternative careers or businesses they could start, especially if you’re someone who’s used to work in a profession.

A lot of my clients over the years have come from professions like law, and finance and marketing and professional services or professions where they’ve very much trained very hard to work in the same field. And often you can think that in order to do something different, you have to go through that whole thing again. You don’t. 

But here’s the deal: New careers and business paths are being created by the minute.

Nowadays, it’s a lot more about problem solving, project work and collaboration.

And also, to a certain extent, all of us now being these small personal enterprises, it’s not just about jobs.

Technology and platforms are also an asset to career changers and entrepreneurs.

They’re opening up this whole new Passion Economy and Creator Economy – It’s easier than ever to start a business or an online business and to get in front of the right people.

And also, if you want to change careers, it’s easier than ever to get in front of the right network to make friends to break into new industries.

But most people are not even aware of this, because they have this idea that “oh, but that’s great – If you work in technology, or you’re 21 – Or if you can use YouTube and all of that.” 

But you know what – We are so much better placed at our age to do it. You just need to learn how and see the people doing it.

So that’s what I’m really excited about talking about a lot about:

The future of work, the new world and all of the the things that are already working in our favour  – Because I really want more people to learn how to confidently navigate this new world of work and feel at home in it.

Also – We are the ones to create it! 

Don’t leave that just to the politicians or to the really young ones, we are the ones best placed to create this new world.

Let me tell you something that might surprise you. It definitely surprised me:

What I discovered over the last 15 years is that this age group – 35 to 55 – We are actually best placed when it comes to changing careers or starting our own businesses.

And it’s also easier for us to figure out what we actually want because LIFE LEAVES CLUES!

We already have a foundation to build on, you never have to go empty handed into what’s next.

All of those skills, experience and results you already have. You just need to learn to build a narrative around them that makes sense to where you want to go next.

Get clear, what is it that needs to go and what is it that needs to be added. It is easier at our age and I really want to make that clear. So you’re really well placed for what’s happening. And you’re really well placed for changing careers or starting your own business. You never have to go empty handed into what’s next.

But what might be happening is that you’re doing things that get in the way. So let’s talk about that.

“The Things That Get In The Way” Segment:

This is very much the hypochondriac segment, let’s talk about the things that get in the way!

Here’s the deal: You definitely need the practical and proven how-to and the research and the frameworks. And I’ll share a lot of that with you in the coming episodes.

But you also need to stop getting in your own way. And I bet you know what I mean, here.

Smart people can get very creative when it comes to sabotaging their own efforts, or killing off their dreams before they even get a chance to get out of their own heads.

All the things that get in the way, or that you allow to get in the way is what a lot of The Career Change Podcast is going to be about.

Because that’s often the question I get.

You are a smart person – You’ve worked so hard to get to where you are today.

But how do you make the leap? Without throwing it all away in the process?

You likely tend to focus on all of the risks and fears.

So often what you need to do instead is really just being aware of those few things you do that are really getting in your own way, and learning what to replace them with. In terms of habits and mindset and very concrete things that you can do to get the fastest wins. So you can make smart decisions, and not throw it all away in the process.

Another vital role that I often play in my clients transitions is to help them STOP doing all of the things that get in their own way.

So let me get you inside of your head for a moment.

I’m going to run through the list of the main ways that smart people get in their own way. And then I want you just to make a note of whether you see yourself doing any of these one.

If you do, that’s great, because I’m going to have loads of episodes coming for you. I also know it’s very normal to be/do a mixture of all of these things!

If none of them relates to you, then this podcast is not for you. But I have a feeling that you will be feeling like a hypochondriac now.

List Of Things That Get In The Way
(can you relate?): 

–  Self-Sabotage

So let’s start with the first one, self sabotage, we’ll talk a lot about self sabotage.

Two of the biggest issues I see is that people tend to have an “all or nothing mentality” or they get stuck in this “Start, Stop, Start, Stop Loop Of Doom. “

The “All Or Noting” mentality is where you insist on feeling perfectly ready and having everything lined up perfectly BEFORE you start…

…which means (all or nothing), you do nothing because that perfection doesn’t happen. Or you insist on the economy or your life or other people being a certain way before you can start (all or nothing).

That’s really unhelpful for most people, because generally, that tends to mean that they do nothing and they stay stuck for months or years. So we’ll talk about what to replace that with.

The “Start, Stop, Start, Stop Loop Of Doom” is massive, and most people who come my way they might have been stuck in that loop for years.

This is when you go all in and you start thinking about that business idea. You research and call all your friends you spend all weekend researching it.

Then come Monday, something happens at work or in your life or in your business and you get distracted and life happens.

And suddenly, three months later, you’re like “Oh, what was that business idea again?!”, and then you have another start and then something happens (again) and you just start and stop – It’s exhausting.

We will talk about how to replace that with consistency, action and commitment.

So if that loop sounds like you – I’ve got loads of advice coming your way!

To be honest, that is probably most people that can relate to the “Start, Stop, Start, Stop Loop Of Doom” – It’s likely going on in your head already!



Over the years, I’ve also attracted a lot of what I call Overthinker types as clients.

So overthinker types, is when you’re a super smart person.

You’re so smart that you can be so creative in terms of analysis paralysis, you literally stay stuck overthinking things and talking yourself out of your best ideas.

And that’s often something that might have been taught in your profession. A lot of professional people, a lot of people in the corporate world, they’re paid to think of all of the reasons why something might not work out for their client.

Then they take that approach into their own career transition, and it stops them dead in their tracks.

We’ll talk about how to get out of that because it’s really painful to stay stuck and overthinking and not taking action.




Another type I’ve helped a lot over the years is the overwhelmer /multi-passionate type.

This is you if you have way too many ideas. Or way too many passions.

AND you don’t know which one to pick, and you’re always pulled in many directions, but with nothing to show for it, you might even feel like a Jack of all trades.

You’ve got this popcorn brain that’s sprouting new ideas by the minute, you feel really torn.

I’ve got a lot of good stuff coming your way, I have developed very specific frameworks for how to decide what idea to go for, how to test drive, and also how to combine things into umbrella concepts.


No Ideas?

No Options?

A smaller segment that I’ve come across over the years is what I call the no-ideaster types.

These are people who feel like they have no ideas or no options because they they feel really limited by their profession because they might have worked in the same job or profession or line of work or company for most of their adult life. They kind of fell into it after university, and it’s really hard for them to imagine what else could they possibly do instead.

Like I said before, they’re probably only aware of 10% of things that they could do.

So the problem is not that you don’t have any ideas or options, you just don’t think you have !

In this podcast I’m going to be talking about the way that the world of work is changing. And now, we need to have different professional identities, different jobs, different careers, different businesses throughout a lifetime.

So now is the time to get started. Rather than keep focusing on this stuff you don’t like and that’s keeping you stuck.

No Time? No Motivation? Procrastinating?

But I also know most of my clients tend to have full time jobs and/or families or businesses – So often by the stage when it comes to them making a transition, they’re like:

“I am just too exhausted. I don’t know how to find the time! How do I create the habits? How do I stay motivated? How do I make this transition happen?”

This is something I’ve done a lot of training on over the years, so I can actually share with you tools, habits and resources for really dialing that in because that is so key.

And interesting enough, once you start doing the right things like morning routines, special habits and really dial in your productivity
– You will find that most of the time you spend creating this new path, it’s actually going to energize you!

So most people before they start, they just feel exhausted. But once you start doing the right things, it’ll energize you rather than deplete you. That’s how this whole thing works.

Am I Cut Out To Be An Entrepreneur?

You might also feel that “Yeah, I really like this idea of starting my own business, but I’m not the entrepreneurial type.”

Don’t worry, I really want to blow apart the myth that you have to be the entrepreneurial type like Steve Jobs or Elon Musk (or generally other men!) in order to start your own business. It does NOT have to be that way!

Entrepreneurship is all about solving real problems and getting results doing stuff that people want to pay to have solved/done.

And that means that there are a lot of different people who can become entrepreneurs, you just need to know how it works and and really focus on making sure it’s the right business for you. 

And it really capitalizes on who you are and what you’re good at and the things you want to work with in the world, so you can enjoy the day to day.

I also want to say that this is not just about becoming an entrepreneur because over you the coming years we could go through stages of entrepreneurship, then maybe a job, then maybe a contract.

So what’s first and foremost important is that you really decide what is the kind of work you want to do in the world? What’s the kind of day and life? What are the activities you want to do? Who do you want to do them with? Where do you want to do it?

Because once you get clear on that, then it might actually turn out that it is a job, or that it is a business or it’s a combination!

So that’s also what’s different about this podcast – It’s not just about “quit your job and start a business” or “quit your business and start a job.”

It’s about figuring out what is right for YOU, right now.

That’s what’s so important. You do not need to go from one box to the other.

Let’s make sure you’re solving the right problem, and that you find something that works perfectly for you. 


Another thing that I’m personally intimately familiar with is perfectionism.

And often perfectionists also tend to be overthinkers. That’s like a double whammy of proportions!

Perfectionism is something we have to talk about if that’s your issue because perfectionists have the hardest time changing careers or starting their own business.

Why? Because they have such a fear of failure, that’s really what perfectionism is all about.

This is an issue because when you’re ready to transition, you are going to have to do things you might not have done before and take smaller risks. And that means that if you fear failure, you’ll never really allow yourself to go all in and to take those actions.

So we need to talk about how to get out of this procrastination perfectionism. And look at what you actually lose by insisting on being a perfectionist.

There are so many concrete things for this because I know how painful it can be.

A lot of my clients over the years have been perfectionists too. So there are loads of things you can do. It is painful to stay stuck.

Imposter Syndrome? Confidence Issues?

We’ll also talk about confidence issues and imposter syndrome.

This tends to be something that really rears its head when you’re transitioning to something new or you’re starting a business.

“Who am I?”

“I don’t trust myself!”

“Are they going to find out that I don’t know anything?”

You might even have confidence or imposter syndrome already now in the career or business that you don’t like.

Even the smartest people I work with have this issue!

And it’s a good thing if you have imposter syndrome because it means from the research, what it indicates is that you are a smart person who probably just have a real issues owning your achievements. 

And that’s a good thing – You would much rather have imposter syndrome than Dunning Kruger syndrome!

But either way, all of this to say, we will be talking about how you can create confidence.

One of the things I’ll be talking about in one of the coming episodes is how you can actually create confidence.

And in the process of doing that also change careers and start your own business. So if that’s you, there’s lots coming for you.

Anxiety? Fears?

I’ve also noticed there’s an increase in things like anxiety, there’s a mental health issues and this whole uncertainty thing.

We’ll talk about very concrete ways of dealing with that, so you can take really good care of yourself.

We’ll also of course talk about the risks and the fears of all flavours etc.


I did warn you you’d feel like a hypochondriac!

So am I inside your head right now?!


I hope you feel really understood. Like I hear you, I get you. But most importantly, I can help you.

Like I said, often it’s what you STOP doing – And it might just be one or two things that you need to stop – That will give you the fastest and the biggest wins. So get excited.

I’ll share with you how my clients have handled these issues, what the research shows, the tools to use, the Evergreen principles, what works to get over yourself again and again.


Now I just want to stop for a moment here.

If you are like “Rikke – So much of this sounds like me – I can relate to at lot of these things!” 

Here’s what I want you to do:

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My subscribers get my best advice and motivation AND can ask questions for The Career Change Podcast!

This podcast will very much be based on questions from my subscribers.

So in that long list I just ran through of things that you might be doing to get in your own way, sign up and then let me know which one of those ones do you struggle the most with.

Where are you most stuck?

Now this is often the stage where people go:

“Rikke – Where’s your accent from?

And where are you from?”

My name is RIKKE – If we haven’t met before – Its spelled – R-I-K-K-E.

Please don’t worry about how to pronounce it! Just call me Ricky.

I’ve been living in the UK, mainly London, since 1996 when I came to do my degree at King’s College (after three years In Paris), but I’m actually Danish by birth.

I was born on a small island in Denmark called Fyn.

Just down the road from Hans Christian Andersen, the storyteller, was born.

And my first English teacher was a Dutch woman with a very strong Irish accent for some reason. So hence you might be picking up a bit of that.

But English is actually my third language.

In Denmark when I grew up in the late 70s and 80s Danish television didn’t actually start until about 5pm.

So if you wanted to watch children’s telly, you had to learn German, so that’s what I did!

So I was already trilingual, Danish, German, English by the age of 10.

So that gives you a really interesting mix, especially now having lived over here in the UK for so long.

Now Denmark is a lovely place, but back then, it was a lot less exciting than it is now!

And so I always knew I wanted to live somewhere else. I wanted a big city. I wanted a lot more diverse population. I always felt deep down very much like a global citizen, you can probably relate to that!

I left Denmark as soon as I could. When I was 18 I bought an InterRail / EuroRail train ticket – I was going to go around Europe with my best friend.

However, 24 hours before going , she was like “No – I’m not gonna go!” – So I went all by myself.

My first stop was Paris and I fell in love. It was the middle of summer, they had this thing called Fête de la Musique, which is this big party where they play music everywhere.

I was like “I’m gonna stay here! I don’t speak the language, but I can learn it!”

I ended up staying in Paris for three years living in the Marais.

And then in 1996, I took one of the first ever Eurostar trains to London, started my degree at King’s College, and then did my career over here.

And I’ve lived here ever since.

Briefly before leaving Paris, I also spent some time in Australia. That’s where I met my Spanish-speaking Argentinian. The love of my life, who has been my husband now for 20 years

I also travel a lot, especially to the US, so now you know why my accent is such a mix.


People often ask if I feel Danish or British. To be honest, I just feel like a global citizen, or maybe more like a Danish Londoner because I lived in London for so long. I love big cities.

But two years ago, I actually fancied a change and I moved to the seaside just 90 minutes south of London – I now live right on the beach, but I can still quickly back to London. I have this beautiful sea view. 

You can follow me over on Instagram @therikkehansen

I love living here for now – Who knows where we go next. It might be the Pacific Northwest, Japan or Paris. We’ll see what happens with Brexit!

These days my business is fully online. I spend my days working one to one with people from all over the wold – Helping them design and decide on their ideal career or business and help them make it happen.

I also have an online program – Your Career Change Map where I teach the frameworks for figuring out how much of a change you need and how to decide what the right career or business is for you. And how to make it all happen.

Want to work with me? Click HERE

You are probably also wondering what I did before I started my own company.

And I think that’s really important for you to understand, because I was just like you!

Before I started my own career change consultancy back in 2005, I also was someone who really wanted a career change and to start my own business. 

I know what it feels like when you’re stuck in that job.

And you’re like “How do you get out of here and into that new thing?”

It can seem so unrealistic, right?

I had a a career in corporate human resources for American investment banks. So I worked in HR for Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Asset Management, offering HR career advice, psychology, hiring, firing, you know, observing toxic politics at close hand, getting a deep insight into how the world of work really works from that perspective.

But I’m mainly sharing that to let you know that I’m also a career changer myself. I’m relatable, right?

Most importantly being though, that I have now also helped thousands of people change and get into something much better.

But I want you to understand that I really get you on a deep personal level.

I know what it can feel like when you work your way up to a certain level.

And then you realize it’s not what you want any longer.

And then it can seem so unrealistic to change!

There is that gap between where you are and where you want to be – I get that!

Both because I’ve helped a lot of people close that gap, but also because I’ve closed that gap myself. We’ll talk a lot about that.

You might think that is not realistic for YOU.

And here’s the deal, it might not be realistic overnight.

But that doesn’t mean that it can’t be realistic over time.

If you start now and consistently keep taking action.

We’ll talk a lot about that.

But what I want you to think about – It’s a little bit like saying, “Oh, but I’m not a fitness person”, if you’re someone who has spent the last 15 years smoking and eating unhealthy and never exercised!

Well – All you need to do is to START behaving like and doing the things that a fit person would do.

And over a period of months or a year or two, you can become one.

And it’s exactly the same thing with career change and with starting your own business.

And I really want to talk about that.

Because here’s what I often see happening. And it’s something I can relate to on a personal level, and also in the thousands of people that I’ve helped:

Often after 35, there can be this real tendency to talk yourself into being stuck by thinking:

“It’s safer for me to stay stuck and wait and see what will happen.”

But, if you’re deeply unhappy, and you don’t like what you’re doing that is a very unsustainable scenario.

So let’s talk about why staying stuck in an unhappy scenario is actually the biggest risk you can run.

Let’s get you out of there. That’s really what I want to do.

The New World Of Work – The Future Of Work  – The New Risky

The Career Change Podcast is also going to be a lot about the New World of Work, the Future of Work and the New Risky.

We’ll talk about how the world of work is changing, and why you would actually want to start future-proofing your career or your business path right now.

In this podcast I really want to connect the dots as to what’s happening in the world right now and what’s coming to where you are right now and what the best opportunities are, and how you can use them to power and motivate your career transition or business.

Why? Because if you are worried right now, or fearful about making a change, which I can understand – The world can seem like a buffet of worries.

But if you know that you’ve totally outgrown or no longer enjoy your current profession, job or industry, then we need to have a frank discussion about why staying stuck rather than starting to make changes now is actually the new risky.

Yes, staying stuck in a career or job you don’t enjoy – And that you might even hate for too long  – Is the New Risky.

Whereas being 100% in charge of and responsible for creating a career or business you actually enjoy and have a real interest in is the best way to future-proof!

Those who will be and are competitive and valuable in the job market and in the business market, they are life-long, enthusiastic learners who keep learning and applying what they learn.

So right now, if you’re stuck in a career or job or business that you no longer enjoy, that you’ve lost interest in.

What that means is that you are currently likely not growing, you’re likely not achieving and you’re likely not developing yourself professionally.

Especially when you look back over the last year or two.

You’re probably not keeping up to date on learning more.

And that my friend – Is the New Risky – It’s literally the opposite of future-proofing!

Plus, you’re probably also just getting more and more exhausted and fed up, right?!

Here’s the deal from now on: We’ll be doing a lot more learning, training and continuing education.

So you better have an interest in and care about what you’re doing so you can keep adapting and keep learning more about it.

So ask yourself: Where you are right now – Do you actually have an interest in what you’re doing, in the subject, the industry, that client group?

Can you see yourself there, realistically, in a number of years?

Because if the answer is no, then it’s risky.

And it’s also – Most importantly – Not just risky.

It’s also a massive reason to get started with your transition right now.

Because that is how you future-proof.

Thinking “I’m really unhappy, but I’m gonna stay stuck and worried”?

That is actually the most risky thing you can do!

What we need you to do instead is to get started with that thing that you really want to do.

So you can start doing it and start future proofing and start creating work that you actually enjoy on a daily basis.

Work that can grow with you over the coming years. That’s what it’s really all about.

Don’t let this put you off or turn you off. Instead, this should just be more motivational fuel to get started or back on track with your dreams, right?

If you’re listening to a podcast called The Career Change Podcast, I know that you want more.


The Reality Check

But let’s take a reality check here because like I promised, this is going to be frank and honest.

I am NOT telling you to throw it all away or risk it all from one day to the other.

That is not what I’m talking about!

I’ll leave that to those kind of rah rah entrepreneurs ;).

This is about what you DON’T want to do – Which is to stay stuck and fearful right now.

Instead you want to start things ON THE SIDE.

Maybe you can go all in and you transition straightaway and that’s fantastic. Some of my clients do that.

But for a lot of them what they do, they take the very profession or the very job, they don’t enjoy, and they use it for cash flow, as a “cash cow” for starting things on the side.

They might keep a permanent job, or they might take a series of contracts in their current profession to keep having money coming in.

So they can start creating that business on the side, or start test-driving alternative careers on the side.

That’s what matters. So everybody can do this. I’ve never come across anyone who didn’t have the opportunity to do that on the side or full time.


So again, forget all or nothing, focus on something, start doing something!

We are all going to have several career or business transitions over a lifetime. Now it’s becoming the norm.

So the sooner you get used to and get good at this adaptive approach to your career or business, the more future-proof you’re going to make yourself.

Adaptability is the New Safety. And NOW is the time to start!

And that’s a good thing, because you should want to start creating something you truly care about, that’s meaningful.

This is your opportunity to FINALLY get going with what you already know you should be doing and that you want to do.

And now you also have the advice available to you.

Now is the time to do it.

And I really want I encourage you to get started or back on track.

Stay curious and think about how can you make the developments and this New World of Work work FOR you.


This is highly personal.

Let’s make the coming years the best years of your work life!

I am so excited to (in the coming episodes of The Career Change Podcast) to share with you how you can figure out how much of a change you need.

And then to identify or design a career or business you are going to love.

Thats going to feel like YOU.

As for all of those “Things That Get In The Way” – We’ll talk about what to replace them with.

So you can create that career that business that’s both meaningful and exciting – Starting now.

Did you enjoy this podcast?

I hope you feel like we are getting on like a house on fire and that I really “get you.”

But most importantly, that I can use my solid experience to help you with the frank and honest conversation about what it really takes.

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You do not have to stay stuck and worry.

You can absolutely get started and you should want to!

That’s how this is all gonna work out for the best. So let’s do this.

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Welcome home.



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