How To Avoid Making THE Wrong Career Change Decision

How To Avoid Making THE Wrong Career Change Decision
Episode 28: The Career Change Podcast

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What’s This Episode About?

Episode 28: How To Avoid Making THE Wrong Career Change Decision!

Are you afraid of making THE wrong decision when it comes to your career change or first business? Then you are likely falling for what I call “The One Big Decision Fallacy” and are likely feeling an enormous amount of pressure and worry! (am I right?! ;).

Hit play on this episode if you want to discover why there is NO “one big decision” to be made (or messed up) when it comes to changing careers in the real world (phew!) – As well as what you want to start doing instead (right away) to get cracking with your transition and with decision making.

This is for you whether you don’t trust yourself to make any decisions or you worry about making THE wrong decision – Get ready for a big sigh of relief! I’m excited to share an empowering, proven and reality-checked approach to decision-making with you in this episode!