How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome

How To Deal With Imposter Syndrome (Episode 16)

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Do you tend to credit your achievements to luck or other people?
Have a tendency to notice your failures and “not good enough” moments A LOT more than your wins?
Are you worried about being exposed as a fraud?
Then you are the perfect candidate for Imposter Syndrome!

…But guess what? It’s not all bad!
Imposter Syndrome actually refers to a patten of behaviour attributed only to highly accomplished and smart people.
So take it as a compliment and then let’s get to work!

In this new podcast episode you’ll discover why your Imposter Syndrome tendencies can give us important information about why and how you keep making things harder for yourself (have you noticed?). And what to start replacing those tendencies with, so you can move on faster and more confidently. 

Hit play above to discover my #1 Habit for counter-acting Imposter Syndrome on a daily basis!