How To Escape The Safe Pair Of Hands Job Trap

How To Escape The “Safe Pair Of Hands” Job Trap
The Career Change Podcast Episode 52

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The Career Change Podcast Episode 52:
How To Escape The “Safe Pair Of Hands” Job Trap

Are you feeling overworked and undervalued at work?
Losing confidence in yourself and your skills?
Starting to wonder if you even have any viable career change options or the ability to start your own company?

Then you might be stuck in a “Safe Pair Of Hands” job trap – Let’s get you out of there (without risking it all or throwing it all away!).

I often get emails from listeners along the lines of “Help – I’ve lost confidence in my skills and feel stuck.”
…Often followed by a description of what I call the “safe pair of hands” job trap. Where smart people remain stuck for too long in a toxic scenario of over-work and under-recognition…So let’s talk about it!

If Imposter Syndrome, loss of confidence, bullying, etc. is an issue for you – This episode WILL help you understand what’s really going on at work. And how to start plotting your escape – Starting now!