How To Think About The Future Of Work

How To Think About The Future Of Work
The Career Change Podcast Episode 53

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The Career Change Podcast Episode 53:
How To Think About The Future Of Work

Whether you feel curious or scared by the (many!) changes happening in the world of work depends on HOW you choose to think about them.

Would you like to go from being intimidated or overwhelmed to feeling excited and open-minded?

Hit play to discover TWO future-proofing mindset shifts I recommend making right now!

Worried about being seen as a newbie if you change careers or start a business after 35?

Want practical alternatives to always defaulting to worst-case/failure scenarios whenever you try to think ahead? 

This episode will equip you with the tools to engage your sense of curiosity and instill a sense of confidence in yourself and what’s ahead. 

The future of work is already here – It’s time to think (and act) accordingly!