How To Worry Constructively

How To Worry (Constructively)
Episode 24: The Career Change Podcast

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What’s This Episode About?

Episode 24: How To Worry (Constructively)

Are you stuck in a holding pattern with your career change? 

Maybe you put your transition on hold due to the pandemic?

And here you are 18 months down the line (still) waiting and (still) worrying?

In this episode you’ll discover why HOW you worry and WHAT you choose to worry about (or not) is a key differentiating factor in whether your transition will happen (or not).

No matter whats’s going in in the world at the same time!

In short – This is an episode that will teach you how to worry constructively (as opposed to destructively).

Time to get a proper ROI on worrying!

I’ve been helping people change careers and start businesses – Even during their most personally wonky and historically unpredictable times over the last 16 years – Not just during the current pandemic – And the highly practical approach you’ll discover in this episode is one of the reasons why. 

Hit play if you would like help getting out of that (exhausting) holding pattern – And learn how to make your worrying worthwhile instead of keeping you stuck!