Is It Too Risky To Change Careers After 45?

Is It Too Risky To Change Careers After 45?
The Career Change Podcast Episode 48

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The Career Change Podcast Episode 48:
Is It Too Risky To Change Careers After 45?

Do you feel torn between staying put in the job/career you don’t enjoy (“not risky”!) OR making a big career change (“risky”!)? 

If so, then you are likely still stuck (in that job/career you don’t enjoy)!

Because approaching your career change in such dramatic “Black and white”/”All or nothing” terms is frankly limiting your options.

You are not alone – That’s why I wanted to dedicate an episode to what can seem like a really hard and scary question: Is it too risky to change careers after 45? (or 35+!).

Maybe you feel like John – A podcast listener who wrote me this email:

“Hey Rikke – I’m in my early 50s and have had a string of steady IT-type jobs I haven’t loved…I feel like I need to stay put for the next 10-15 years to save enough to retire — but also don’t like wasting all of those years waiting to enjoy life!”

Can you relate (even if you might not be 50…yet)?!

Then this episode is for you!