Perfectionism And Fear Of Failure

Perfectionism Equals Fear Of Failure (Episode 5)
Discover how perfectionism and fear of failure go together like peanut butter and jam…And how to change that!


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What’s this episode about?

Perfectionists often find it very hard to start their own business or change careers.

Why? Because they avoid doing anything that could lead to failure.

However, the change process always entails using skills or doing things that you might never have done before. Which means there is no way to do it perfectly. And (gasp;) you might even fail. So what gives?

Listen to this episode if you want to understand how toxic perfectionism keeps smart people stuck in careers they’ve totally outgrown, what decisions are key to make if you want to move on, as well as a very personal story from Rikke as to how she decided what was more important to her than being perfect. 

Full Transcript
Episode 5 – Perfectionism Equals Fear Of Failure


Intro: Welcome to The Career Change Podcast where you’ll discover the frank and practical advice and resources that are already proven to work in the real world when it comes to changing careers, or figuring out what business is right for you when you are a smart, but likely also stuck, overwhelmed or overthinking person in your mid 30s, your 40s to your mid50s.

I’m your host Rikke Hansen, a Career Change Advisor, entrepreneur, and former corporate HR professional with over 15 years experience of helping thousands of people just like you identify or create careers or businesses that are both meaningful and future proof. Welcome home!

Hey – It’s Rikke here – Welcome to Episode 5, where we will talk about why your perfectionism might very well be the very thing that’s sabotaging your career transition efforts right now.

And how it might very well be a buffer that you are inserting between you and your dreams.


Perfectionism = The Buffer Between You And Your Dreams

And most importantly, what to do about that (i.e. how to change that!)

Perfectionism is a massive subject and I would love to cram everything I know into one episode for you, because it’s such an important topic to talk about.

But since I’m all about you taking action at the end of the day, what I want to do in this particular episode is to focus on one specific aspect of perfectionism. And then there’ll be plenty more coming down the line.


Today, it’s about how perfectionism and fear of failure, they literally go together like peanut butter and jam.


Perfectionism & Fear Of Failure Go Together Like Peanut Butter & Jam!


(Or in my case, cheese and jam. I don’t know what you put on top of your cheese – I put jam – That’s a very Scandinavian thing to do. My husband who is from South America is like, “What are you doing?!”).


If you are a smart person who has a history of being very self critical or very hard on yourself or setting impossibly high standards, and whose identity is very tied up with your professional performance…


…And you are stuck in your career change or with starting your business right now then this episode is for you.


The Emotional Weather Forecast:

One of the first things I’ll do when I have new client working with me privately, in addition to giving them a framework for how to approach the transition, step by step, is that I’ll talk to them about what I call the “Emotional Weather Forecast”(i.e., what to expect that might happen when you start changing careers or start a new business).


And that’s the fact that it won’t be all unicorns and rainbows.

No matter what people on Instagram might tell you in terms of “just follow your passion!” or “just go for it!” or “just do what feels easy!.”
None of that BS in the real world!

What often happens when you want to change careers or start a business is suddenly all kinds of emotional sabotage stuffs comes up.


I often joke with my clients that one of the fastest ways to get to know yourself – for better or for worse – is to start a business or change careers.


It’s literally like personal discovery on speed.


Career Change = Personal Discovery On Speed – For Better Or For Worse ;)

So if you are feeling all kinds of things coming up for you, that’s what’s happening.

There is nothing wrong with you, that is just part of the process that a lot of people don’t really want to talk about. But you know what, you are amazing as you are, we just need to talk about it and talk about how to deal with it. All right?

If you are someone who scores highly on the perfectionism scale, then one thing that will very likely impact you and come up very early on in the transition process, is that your perfectionism will be rearing its ugly head and do whatever it can to protect you from failure.

Is Your Perfectionism Rearing Its Ugly Head?

You might even be experiencing that right now.

And if you are then you are in the right place. Not only do I have 15 years experience of helping professionals change careers or start a new business, but (ahem) it’s also something that I’m personally intimately familiar with. I’ve got you, my friend.

But first of all, let’s talk about what kind of perfectionism we’re actually talking about, as well as why it can very negatively impact your transition, if you’re not careful. We’ll talk about the dark side of perfectionism, because it’s so important to talk about.

And even more importantly, we’ll talk about what to do about it, how to decide what’s more important to you than being perfect.

Once you are aware of what’s going on, and what’s really happening, once we shine a light on those dark areas, then going forward, you can catch yourself when you’re doing it, you can understand what’s going on. And you can be more compassionate to yourself and you can choose differently. Again, And again.

It’s is so important to address how your perfectionism might be sabotaging your efforts right now, because if you want to start your own business, you want to change career, you are going to have to learn how to deal with your perfectionism. Choose differently.

And the more complex the world gets, the more important it is not to impose perfectionism on yourself because it’s not a very future-proof skill!


Perfectionism = Not A Future-Proof Skill!


So let’s talk about perfectionism, and more specifically, maladaptive perfectionism, ie toxic perfectionism.

Maladaptive Perfectionism – Toxic Perfectionism

Generally in psychology, when you talk about perfectionism, people often refer to this scale called The Multi-Dimensional Perfectionism Scale by Hewitt and Flett.  It’s a self-scoring scale and it measures three different dimensions of perfectionism: 

Self-oriented perfectionism (self-imposed, excessively high personal standards)


Socially-prescribed perfectionism (excessively high social expectations)


Other-oriented perfectionism (excessively high expectations of others).


What I’ve found over the years, at least for the clients that I’ve worked with, is that a lot of them tend to have what is the self-oriented type of perfectionism i.e. they’re doing it to themselves.

There’s also a subset that has the socially prescribed version (often by their culture), but we’ll talk about that at a different time.

The Self-Oriented Type Of Perfectionism (I.e. You Are Doing It To Yourself!)

Today, I really want to talk about the self-oriented type of perfectionism. You know, when you require it from yourself.


You very much measure your self worth in terms of achievement.

You are very self-critical.

You don’t have very good ways of rewarding yourself when you do something well.


This type of  perfectionism is very much a way of thinking about yourself.

And where your sense of self is tied up with how well you perform at work.


Just for the fun of it – To get the hypochondriac up in you, let me read aloud some of the questions that you will be asked on this kind of scale. Don’t worry about doing the test, but just for the fun of it, see if you can relate to these statements:

I brood over mistakes that I’ve made in front of others.
I don’t want people to see me do something unless I’m very good.

I should solve my own problems rather than admit them to others.

I must appear to be in control of my actions at all times.

I try to keep my faults to myself.

I need to be seen as perfectly capable in everything I do.


And my fave:

It’s very important that I always appear to be “on top of things.”


If you can relate to those you’re very likely also one of those self-oriented perfectionists.

One of the other very important ways to know if you fall into this category which will negatively impact you when you go through the transition process and where it gets really toxic is how you talk to yourself and how you think of yourself when you don’t live up to your own standards or when you fail.


What Happens When You Fail?


A Toxic Perfectionist Will Go:

“I’m A Failure”

“I’m Not Good Enough”


(i.e.YOU are the problem, the failure, the real issue).


A Person With A Healthy (Non-Toxic) Sense Of Self Will Go:

“That Was A Failure, But I’m Still A Good Person”


In short, if you have the toxic kind of perfectionism, you probably don’t tend to be very nice to yourself or talk very nicely to yourself. And you will probably also tend to take things very personally.

Have you ever had anybody saying that to you? That you are sensitive or take things personally? I’m raising my hand here.

So the type of perfectionism that we’re talking about here is that way of thinking about yourself, of being very self critical and having impossibly high standards.

Let me ask you something:
How is that perfectionism working for you? Right?


If you listen to this podcast, then I would like you to be very open minded as to how we might want to change this and what might be more important to you than being perfect.

So let’s move into talking about how this way of viewing yourself and the world impacts what happens when you decide that you want to do something new in your work life, whether that’s a new job, a new career, or a new business.


How Your View Of Yourself Impacts Your Career Change Or Business Efforts: 

I almost called this episode “Why perfectionist rarely change careers or start their own business” because here’s the deal:

Perfectionists makes things so much harder for themselves.


Have you noticed?


Like one thing we all have in common is we don’t really tend to look for the easiest way to do things, do we? We like to make things hard for ourselves.


So let me ask you a really important question.


What do perfectionists tend to have in common?


What are they most afraid of?


What are you most afraid of?


The big F, right?




Fear Of Failure


Perfectionism Equals Fear Of Failure.



What do you do when you’re afraid of failing?

You do everything possible to avoid failure.

You do everything possible to not engage in activities or take actions that could bring failure.


Maladaptive, toxic perfectionism is a lot about what you choose NOT to do in order to protect yourself from failure.


But let’s talk about why that is a problem – Actually, it’s a showstopper – When you want to transition into something new in your career.


Perfectionism = A Showstopper


Perfectionism is a problem because if you want to reinvent or change careers or start a business, then you are going to have to do things you’ve never done before. Or use skills you’ve never used before.

You are going to have to take action and do things that will make you feel uncomfortable, and that are literally impossible to get right or perfect straight away.

Take action that might even – Gasp – Result in what you perceive failure.


Bam – Does that ring a bell? ;)


This might explain why you’re stuck, why you’re not doing those things you know you really ought to be doing.


Why You Are Stuck Right Now:


Because the very things you need to do and expose yourself to in order to change might result in failure.

You literally view them as opportunities for failure.


Opportunities for beating yourself up.


And hence, you’re afraid of going there. Right?


Am I inside your head right now, by the way?


I hope so – I really want you to feel understood and to know that you’re not alone.

There are some really interesting studies about perfectionism done by Professor Andrew P. Hill. He’s a professor here in the UK at York St John University.


A Perfectionism Experiment


In one of the experiments, Dr Hill gave both a group of perfectionists and a group of non-perfectionist specific goals. But what he didn’t tell them was that the test was rigged (i.e. none of them would succeed).


Both groups kept putting in the same amount of effort, but one group enjoyed the whole thing a lot less and here’s the catch. They gave up earlier.

Now which group do you think gave up earlier?

The protectionists or the non-perfectionist?

The perfectionists, of course!


Here’s a quote from Professor Hill:

“Perfectionists tend to respond more harshly in terms of emotions, they experience more guilt, and more shame.

And they give up more easily…

…They have quite avoidant coping tendencies, when things can’t be perfect.”



Hmmmm – How about you?


Have you found yourself avoiding or giving up on doing things you weren’t good at quickly?

Or that would make you have to do imperfect things in public?

(i.e. with your career change when starting a business?).


You might have had a stab or couple of stabs, but it never really turned into a habit or consistent thing or a practice?


Yeah, perfectionists will do everything they can to avoid shame and guilt, right?


Rather Give Up Than Not Being Perfect…


When I read that study, I was like, wow, I can think back to so many examples of this in my own life, in my client’s lives, in terms of how things got hard, it wasn’t that easy. And there were loads of opportunities to fail, so I/they’d rather not engage.

Professor Hill has done a lot of studies with high performers, especially within sports, which is very related to being a high performer in business and work.


And the single biggest predictor of success in sports is practice.


Do You Practice?

You keep at it, you keep doing it.

Let’s talk about your career change or starting a business:


Have you made it a practice to do those things that you need to do in order to make a transition?

Or did you actually stop or didn’t even try because you didn’t feel very good at them?

Maybe you have this idea (which I come across a lot of people who have) that your perfect career, your dream career, your passion, or running a business that should come to you naturally an immediately.


That you shouldn’t have to work too hard at it.


That you can’t risk doing things you are not good at immediately.


Get over yourself! ;)


Let me repeat:


If you want to reinvent your career or change careers or start a business, then you are going to have to do things that you’ve never done before, take action or do things that will feel uncomfortable, and that are impossible to get right or perfect, straight away.

And that might even – Gasp – Result in what you perceive as failure.

So if you insist on perfectionism, and you’re being a perfectionist, a toxic kind of perfectionism, when it comes to your career transition, then what’s going to happen is this:


Why Perfectionism Is So Toxic To Your Career Transition:


You are going to see every new uncomfortable thing to do with your career transition/new business as an opportunity to fail.

And you are not going to enjoy it, you’re going to give up early because you are not getting it “perfect” straight away.

So therefore, and I see this happening all the time, you


Don’t try very hard, or

You give up really early, or

You don’t even try.

And you definitely don’t allow yourself to go all in!


You half-arse it.

Or you try it and then you realize you’re no good. And then you avoid doing more and you stop early.


You Never Get To The Practice Stage.

Just think back to last 6 months, 12 months, 5 years, however long you’ve wanted to make a change.

What were the things that you just didn’t do?

Because you had those toxic perfectionist claws in you.

Maybe you didn’t put on that workshop?

Maybe you didn’t attend that course?

Maybe you didn’t reach out to that person?

What is it that you didn’t allow yourself to do…Again and again?


Have you noticed that in other areas of your life too?

We you can’t get it perfect straightaway or you had a stab and you weren’t good at it initially or you were afraid of failure. You just stop doing it. It never became a practice.


Am I inside of your head right now?


I cannot tell you how important this realization is.

Because that’s how to de-personalize it.


This is not about you.

This is not about your worth as a person.


This is about a real toxic tendency, a buffer that you put yourself between you and your dreams.

Your Perfectionism Is The Buffer You Put Between Yourself And Your Dreams.


So just realize that’s what’s happening.

All of those things you are procrastinating on, or delaying or being afraid of.

It’s because you are seeing them as being opportunities for failure.


To be a failure.



Let’s talk about how to view them instead.


Let’s talk about how to change that toxic attitude.

And let’s talk about how to get into action, how to get it into practice.

Here’s my challenge to you. And this is the challenge I give to all of my perfectionist clients:

What if you turned all of this around?

What if instead of viewing them as opportunities to fail, you viewed them as opportunities to learn and grow?

Opportunities To Fail & Be A Failure?




Opportunities To Grow & Learn?


Those very opportunities and challenges that you actually need in order to grow through, in order to come over, out on the other side as a career changer or as an entrepreneur.



We grow into things.


We don’t just naturally, fully-fledged and perfect step into things.


I often joke that if you want to get to know yourself really quickly, just try changing careers or start the career transition process J


This is really so important.

One of the biggest gifts and mindset shifts you can give yourself is this:


Replace Your Perfectionist Mindset With A Growth & Learning Mindset!


(Let me know if you want to go deeper with this in an upcoming podcast).


It’s so important.


Decide That Finishing Your Transition Is More Important Than Perfectly Never Even Starting It!


This, my friend, is likely where you’re stuck right now.


It’s so hard for you to allow yourself to engage and go fully in on all of the various activities and skills that you actually need to grow into learning how to do. Imperfectly initially and then you’ll get there over time.


Right now, you are not a career changer.


Right now, you are not the kind of person who runs their own business.


You need to grow into becoming that person.


And you only learn to do that by doing new, imperfect, scary things.


That’s why you’re stuck – Because you’re not allowing yourself to engage with the change process.


The Change Process Only Happens When Allow Yourself To Learn And Grow.

The change process will only happen positively when you start allowing yourself to engage with learning and growing.


A Personal Confession :) 

I wish I could tell you that I’m perfect and that I didn’t have this issue of toxic perfectionism when I started my own company.


But I did and I still have tons of (perfectionism) traces that I need to work with.


And so do/did a lot of my clients over the years –They’ve been those kind of toxic perfectionists too.


So let’s talk about how to change it.

Because here’s the deal: I want this so badly for you too.


When I look back over my work life, pretty much any kind of regret that I have or delay that I can spot – It all came down to my bloody perfectionism.

I used to be a total perfectionist too – Of the toxic type – Back when I was stuck in a corporate job that I really didn’t want to be in any more.


I used to work in human resources for American investment banks here in London, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Asset Management.


And I was really caught up in my professional identity being perfect.


I was known for producing top quality work, having really high standards abd being a solid pair of hands.


Have you ever been called solid pair hands?

Perfectionists tend to be called that.


I had super high work ethics, worked long, exhausting hours.


I was known for being very good at what I was doing and for doing things well.


I was in that dangerous zone of “good.”


I was very comfortably perfectionist.


Can you relate to that?


That might be where you are at right now.


It’s that “safe (perfectionist) bet” – You are really at what you’re doing – Even if you hate it.


Back when I decided to leave that corporate career behind to start my own career change consultancy, back in 2005…


…I quickly realized that I had to start doing quite a few new things and learn quite a few new skills…


… IF I wanted to break out on my own and start my own company.


Activities and things I’d never done before.


And where there was no way that I could do them perfectly.


Or know if I’d be any good at them initially or naturally.


That was really scary.


And that new business might not work out.


Whereas my HR career – Now that was a solid bet!



I bet you’re there right now.


That’s when you realize that is not enough to just know what you don’t like or what you want to escape from.

It’s just as important to know WHY you’re doing it and WHAT you are actually looking to get out of making that transition.


And to, most importantly, decide what matters most to you in the bigger scheme of things.


Because perfectionists are terribly myopic.


Decide What Matters Most!

I had to decide and you have to decide.


I had to decide what mattered most to me.


You have to decide what matters most to you.

I had to get clear on and decide what mattered more to me than perfection.

What mattered more to me than being perfect at my job.

Even if that was really scary to that perfect corporate identity that I’d built up.
Who I thought I was back then.


I focused so much on What I stood to loose.


I bet you are doing the same?


Do You Focus On What You Will Loose?



Do You Focus On What You Will Gain?

A lot of people focus so much more on what they stand to lose by taking imperfect action and by going for something that might result in failure than they do on what they stand to gain.

So here’s the decision I made and feel free to borrow:


The decision I made was that it was much more important to me to create a work life, a career and a business that I truly loved.

That made me feel fully alive, that I was fully engaged with – Socially, creatively and intellectually, and also to do my own thing.


That was so much more important for me than it was to be perfect.

More important than to stay stuck in a career that I’d totally outgrown.

It was more important for me to discover who else I was and what else I could create.


To be open to learn.


It was more important for me to finish that transition than it was important for me to stay stuck in a “perfect work scenario”.


I bet you’re there right now. And that this is a decision you need to make too.


What More Important Than Being Perfect For YOU?



So what was the upshot of my decision?

What were the behaviours and mindset that I needed to leave behind?


And that I’ve also since helped hundreds of clients make.


I realized that I needed to stop using my perfectionism as a buffer against my dreams.


A buffer that protected me both from failure and delayed my dreams.

I needed to stop doing everything possible to avoid failure, to protect myself from failure.


And to be okay with being a newbie at certain things.



Stop Doing Everything Possible To Avoid Failure!


Yes, this is hard!


Same thing for you, my friend, you have got to let your perfect guard down.

You’ve got to look at the all of the things that you are not allowing yourself to do, or to fully engage with or go all in on. Get help.


Allow yourself to be a newbie and know that’s one of the most important future- proofing skills you can ever develop – Perfectionism isn’t!


Allow Yourself To Be A Newbie = Future-Proofing!

I had a choice.

To stop being someone who was just observing and watching.

And to instead become an action taker.

I had a choice.

And you do too.


I could remain this perfectionistic, overthinking person, really stuck in that “perfect career” I wanted to leave behind.

Or I could decide to become a brave doer who took imperfect action.


Perfect Overthinker?




Brave Doer?


What’s Your Choice?



Because here’s the deal.


I was still good enough.

And even if I failed, I wasn’t a failure.


Failure Does Not Mean YOU Are A Failure.

I was still good enough. Right?

Nothing changes about you – Just about what you do.

I could be okay with sucking, with being wobbly for a period of time, whilst I was on this learning and growth curve.


Can You Be Okay With Sucking A Little Bit?

And here’s the thing, my friend, if you know anything about psychology, you know, that growth is where all of the good stuff lies.

Growth Is Where All The Good Stuff Happens!

The good stuff does NOT lie where you might be right now – Which is stuck in that perfect professional comfort zone.

There’s no future-proofing in staying stuck in a “perfect” scenario you hate – Where you don’t allow yourself to grow.

My choice: I chose to act like a brave doer and to take action.

And I actually surprised myself by how well I handled it (shocker!).
And by who I could also be.


I got insanely curious about who I ALSO was.

And you know what, I am so glad that I gave myself permission to suck on the road to creating my dream business – Because since 2005, I’ve personally helped hundreds of private clients and reached thousands more just like you.


Helping them change careers, reinvent career or start their own business.

And that’s been so much more rewarding and amazing than staying stuck and perfect in my old career could ever have given me.

If I hadn’t made the choice to suck on the way to starting this business…


…YOU wouldn’t be listening to me right now.


And I wouldn’t have helped all those hundreds of people.

And what a loss to both of us, right?


I allowed myself to be wobbly and imperfect for long enough to build something that mattered more.

Let me know if you are finding this podcast helpful!


This podcast would not have existed if I didn’t allow myself to be imperfect.


Every time I record an episode – As a recovering perfectionist – I still go through that same struggle.

So please write a review over on Apple Podcasts/iTunes (LINK HERE) if you think The Career Change Podcast is helpful :)


And come over to and make sure you are on the Newsletter – So you can ask questions for the Podcast (use form at the bottom of this page). 



I was only able to make this transition because I chose to stop insisting on perfection and stopped behaving like a perfectionist.


Instead, I started doing things that felt really wobbly, and that might result in failure.


And you need to make that decision, that commitment too, IF you want to move on.


Because if you don’t, your perfectionism is not going to allow you to make that transition.

And only you can make that decision and only you can make that commitment.


This is actually one of the hardest things to observe as a career transition advisor.

You know, I’ve been a career change advisor and entrepreneur for 15 years now. And I see so many people, they have everything lined up for them to take action on.


But they don’t take action because…


…It’s never the perfect time…


…There’s a recession…


…There’s a certain president…


…a pandemic


Whatever it is, they all have this idea that:


…Their idea for their business or their career change is not perfect enough.


…Or their product is not perfect enough…


…Or the time is not perfect enough…


…Or they’re not qualified enough….


…Or they are not good enough…


Lah-di-dah – What’s YOUR perfectionist excuse right now?


Why you cannot start making that change, even if it’s just initially on the side?


Let’s dig deeper.


What’s this excuse about X not being perfect enough really about?


What are you really trying to protect yourself from?

What are you really trying to delay?



Let’s put it all together here.


Toxic Perfectionism Equals Fear Of Failure.


Perfectionism is the perfect buffer.


Both as a protection mechanism.


But also as a delay mechanism.


But it’s NOT a not a mechanism for doing your best work in the world and for discovering who you really are.

So back to overriding it.


You Need To Decide What Matters Most.


What’s most important to you at this stage of your life?

Is it most important for you to be perfect?

What’s helpful for me is to have this kind of image in my head of this really perfect looking person, you know, butt cheeks clenched, keeping the status quo, being really perfect. And also of someone who actually looks genuinely happy and fulfilled because it’s more important for them to make their dreams come true.

Which one do you want to choose?


Sorry to break it to you:

I’ve never seen a perfectionist who is able to be both perfect AND change careers.

It’s just not possible.


Instead choose to be that more interesting person who allows themselves to suck for a little while.

Give yourself permission to suck a little.

Because here’s what I really want you to remember:


Failure Is NEVER Final.


Yes, you might have to do things that feel uncomfortable or you might feel really scared, but you are not going to die.

Failure is never final.

Final is staying stuck in a job or career or a business you hate, that you’ve totally outgrown.
Where you are still stuck there because you’re insisting on things being perfect.

That’s my friend is what you should worry about!

Rather than worrying about failure on the way to your dreams, right?


The Real Failure Is Staying Stuck In A Career Scenario You Hate!

That’s the real cost.

Just remember that to get your butt in gear.


Get a lot more curious about what you’re truly capable of doing.

I know it’s hard to hear all of this when you’re just trying to hold perfect world together.

I want you to know that it’s possible to create something much better, much more interesting, much more exciting…

… and also over time, more perfect.


I’ve done it and so have my clients over the last 15 years.

The Way To Change Away From Perfectionism Is To Decide What Matters Most To You.


And to act accordingly.
To stop letting perfectionism decide who you are and what you’re capable of.


Curiosity Over Perfection.


Interesting Over Perfection.



What matters most to us is to see how far we could really get, how good it could get right?

If you are going to continue to be drawn by perfectionism, you’re going to be doing everything possible to avoid or protect yourself from failure.

But instead what that means, if you continue on that road, is this:


Perfectionist often end up at the end of their lives being very resentful, very regretful, and really boring as well – Because they never allow themselves to experience what they’re truly capable of creating, becoming or being.

Whereas people who decide that, okay, I know I have these perfectionist tendencies, but I’m still gonna go ahead and act bravely and take imperfect actions.

They’re the ones who make their dreams come true.

And they’re the ones who have the most interesting lives.

I would love for you to join me to become one of those!



Sign Up For My Newsletter (Use form below).

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And share this episode with a fellow perfectionist.



Here’s the really interesting thing.

There has never been a better more convenient time to stop being a perfectionist.

Nobody is expecting perfection from you in this new world of work

Use that to your advantage, my friend.


Thanks for listening. 



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