The Most Risky Career Change Strategy After 35

The Most Risky Career Change Strategy After 35
The Career Change Podcast Episode 55

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The Career Change Podcast Episode 55:
The Most Risky Career Change Strategy After 35

What do YOU tend to worry about the most? 

The risks of changing careers or starting your own business? 
Or the risks of staying stuck in that career or job you no longer enjoy? 

Most professionals over 35 completely OVERESTIMATE the (imagined) risks of changing careers and starting their own business – All whilst completely UNDERESTIMATING (or even ignoring) the (very real) risks of staying stuck in a career they don’t enjoy. 

If you are following this (rather lopsided) strategy, you are most likely still stuck in that career you don’t enjoy, just going through the motions. 

Let’s talk about how risky that strategy is! This episode is all about how to turn the very real risks of NOT changing into motivational fuel for finally getting your butt in gear and making that change!

Have you ever thought about how risky (and de-motivating) continuing to stay stuck is…To your current career (the only one you have right now)?

How much thought have you given to the fact that many of us are now looking at the 50-year+ career span (and the concept of retirement as we’ve known it becoming obsolete)?
How many years does that mean you still have left to work in your current line of work, if you don’t change?

And how about that toxic boss/company culture you might spend 40+ hours in each week?
Did you know your boss has a bigger impact on your health and sanity than even your spouse (or doctor)?

NOT wanting to give so much power over me away was one of the biggest reasons why I personally left my corporate job behind – Hit play to learn more!