What Can I Get With What I’ve Got?

What Can I Get With What I’ve Got?
Episode 31: The Career Change Podcast

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What’s This Episode About?

Episode 31: What Can I Get With What I’ve Got?

​If you are not enjoying the career you’ve been in for years, then basing your career transition on that (by asking “What Can I Get With What I’ve Got?”) is NOT the best place to start – Hit play to discover a much more powerful way to approach the career change process (so you don’t limit your options BEFORE you even get started)! 

This episode of The Career Change Podcast is dedicated to those of you who’ve been employees and in the same line of work for years – And who’ve therefore been trained to think like an employee and think about the world of work in a certain (disempowering)  way – It’s time to question your assumptions!