Why You Don’t Have To Risk It All To Start A Business!

Why You Don’t Have To Risk It All To Start A Business!
The Career Change Podcast Episode 41

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Episode 41 The Career Change Podcast:
Why You Don’t Have To Risk It All To Start A Business

Would you love to start your own business but can’t just “quit your job and go all in from day one”?

Wonder if you are even cut out to join the entrepreneurial ranks when you can’t just “risk it all”? (like you are repeatedly being told to do by successful start-up founders over on Twitter🙄).

Don’t worry – You have other (more realistic) options when it comes to starting your own business after 35!

The great news is that not only do you NOT have to quit your job first in order to start your business (and risk all of your savings/kids/family/partner/sanity in the process – Phew ;).

As a matter of fact your can use the very job or profession you want to leave behind to power your first business!

Get ready to feel fired up about what’s possible for you – Even if right now starting your own business can seem like a far-fetched dream.

Hit play to discover how real people in the real world go about the initial stages of starting their own business – Especially if they can’t just risk it all or quit their job!