What if someone steals my idea?

“What if someone steals my business idea?”

Are you wondering how to start putting your business idea out there or how to start your business on the side without having someone steal your business idea?

Or having someone starting a business that’s going to be much better than yours?

Video Transcript:

Are you wondering how to start putting your business idea out there or how to start your business on the side without having someone stealing your business idea?

Or having someone starting a business that’s going to be much better than yours?

If that’s your worry, then you are absolutely in the right place – So keep watching!


I’ve got 5 things I want to talk to you about because I can tell you already right now that you’re worried about the wrong kind of things.


My name is Rikke Hansen – Since 2005 I’ve advised hundreds of aspiring entrepreneurs and career changers, just like you.


I hear this question a lot:


“What if someone steals my business idea?”


And here’s what I can tell you right up front, that is the last thing you should worry about!


The main thing you should worry about is getting started.


But anyway, lets address your worry.


When I hear someone being worried about someone stealing their idea, number one thing I talk to them about is their mindset.


#1 Mindset – Scarcity vs. Enough


Number one is mindset – You have a mindset of scarcity.

What that means is you obviously don’t think there’s enough to go around for everyone.


How many clients do you really need though?

Even if somebody starts a business with your idea and do what you perceive is being better, there are still enough clients left for you too.


How many clients do you really need?

You don’t need the whole town, city or universe.


There’s a wonderful concept called “1,000 True Fans” by a futurist called Kevin Kelly that you might wanna google.


His concept is that most businesses don’t need more than a thousand raving fans to be really commercially successful.


Unless you are sort of thinking about building that next Facebook or Instagram,


it’s not like you need every single person to be your client.


So get off the scarcity mindset, there is enough for everyone – There really is. I promise you.


#2 Motivation and the 99%


Number two is motivation. Now here’s the deal:

99% of people you might share your idea with or maybe even 99.9% – They’re just gonna be like, “Oh great.”

And they might just talk about it but they’ll never get their arse in gear and actually implement your idea!

Most people are just not motivated to act on an idea.

So if that 1% or 0.1% steals your idea AND implements it, then good on them because you didn’t act fast enough and you didn’t get your arse in gear.


If they implement because you don’t,  then good on them and shame on you.


So that’s really what I would like you to think about too is well you’re clearly not motivated if right now you’re worried about someone stealing your idea.


You should be out there implementing and if that one percent or whatever it is steals it, good on them shame on you. All right?


#3 Uniqueness – There is only 1 YOU


Number three is uniqueness.

You know there really is only one you, you watching right now.


You are amazing – And there is only one of you

And that means there can only really be one way of doing your business your way.


Even if someone were to steal your concept, they might get it started but they can never sustain and build the business you can build


So please don’t worry, think about it:


Is there only one yoga studio or one restaurant in the town where you live?




There’s likely a variety of businesses offering the same thing, but doing it their way.


And the reason you go to one restaurant one night might be because there’s something you feel you want that one night and another night you wanted something different.


The same thing with yoga studios. It might be that one yoga studio’s got phenomenally technically great teachers and another yoga studio has a really fancy changing room with a steam room.


So remember, there’s only one you, only you can imprint your business idea the way that you can do it.


And by the way, if you’re on the fence about whether you should start your own business, trust me it is the best thing you could ever do because it truly is a unique way of being in the world. It’s you putting your unique mark on it.


Don’t worry about it – Nobody can ever put your unique mark on a business.



#4 Risk – It’s riskier NOT to share!


So number four is risk.

You actually risk more by keeping your business ideas to yourself and not sharing them, than you do by actually sharing.


Have you noticed the most successful brands right now are crowd sourced.?


They ask for feedback from their ideal customers, they get it, they implement, and they build a really phenomenal brand.


The biggest risk you actually run by not sharing your idea is that behind the scenes, all that hard work that you put into your business at the same time as likely holding down a full time job, you’re building a business from imaginary clientele.


Don’t build a business for an imaginary audience –What if they don’t exist?


There might be nobody who actually wants this, so don’t make life so hard for yourself:


Ask for feedback and share your idea with the right people up front– Your ideal clients.


So not just with your friends or family, share it with your ideal customers, your ideal clients. Ask for feedback, it is more risky not to share.


#5 Urgency over Waiting


Number five. Don’t worry about all of this.




Find your own urgency – Don’t wait. 


Every single minute that you’re worrying about whether someone will steal your idea is wasted time.


You should worry about not getting started.


Worry about not having the amazing experience it is to start your own business and to create it your way.


So don’t wait, get started right now.



Now here’s what I suggest that you do:


Come over to Rikke.me/kickstart


You’ll get a one-pager over there to help you finesse that business idea, that career change idea.


Get some really concrete tips for helping you get really focused.


Liked the video? Found it helpful?


Share it.


Like it.




Don’t delay.


Get started.


Life is too short not to put your unique mark on the world.

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