Tired of going around in circles?

Done trying to figure it all out by yourself?

Don’t want to waste any more precious time faffing about?

I can help.

Imagine doing a brain dump of all the ideas, fears & thoughts currently keeping you up at night or in limbo mode, so you can get professional advice on what to focus on, what to leave behind and what the missing pieces are?!

Overcoming overwhelm and nailing down what kind of business or career path you really want (or which of your (many) ideas to go for) does not have take many months or years IF you get 1:1 professional advice, accountability AND immediate momentum.

Let me help you design a business or career path around your unique personality, skills and the experiences you want to have and the kinds of people you want to be around.

Time to put yourself and your transition first.

Time to design a business or career that engages and excites you.

Because life is too short to do work that doesn’t make you feel fully alive.

You in?

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Work 1:1 With Rikke

(Limited availability – I currently only take on 2 new private clients a month)

Your Escape Game Plan

Bespoke Business / Portfolio Career Design  

My 1:1 Transition Program For New Entrepreneurs

Nail Down AND Design Your Ideal Business Or Portfolio Career:
From Overwhelm To Design & Game Plan in just 12 Weeks
(or less if you want to move faster!)


Diagnostic Focus Call

(Skype/Phone – 75 Mins) Let’s get you clarity – Fast!

This Call is where I really get to know you 1:1: Your personal and professional background, story and all of the input, ideas, ingredients, dreams and fears that are currently making you both excited and scared. These insights allow me to help you see the wood for the trees immediately.

Ahead of this Call you will be dumping the entire contents of your (overwhelmed) brain into an extensive questionnaire and have me take care of it all by putting in extensive preparation time to ensure maximum clarity right off the bat.

As a result, I will help you make sense of ALL of it (i.e. what to focus on, what to leave behind, what kind of career change or business you really need and which of your own ideas are the most ideal AND realistic + What’s still missing and what decisions we still need to make).

Result: At the end of this Diagnostic Focus Call you will know which of your business or career change ideas to focus on for now and be feeling clear about what needs to be left behind (pheew!).

You will also know what elements are missing and be equipped to go about sourcing them to get ready to design your ideal career or business!

As a result you will feel much more confident that you are making the right decision and not throwing it all away – You will continue using the best elements of your career/ life so far to build a solid foundation for what’s next.

Virtual Design Intensive

(Skype – 2 Hours) Let’s design your future – Starting Now!

This Virtual Design Intensive is where I will personally help you design the foundation for YOUR ideal business or career path – Using all of the input we’ve come up with as a result of our work so far (and some highly specific homework on both sides).

As a result of 15+ years as a transition advisor and having personally advised 600+ clients I have developed a set of unique skills (that I only offer 1:1) .As a result I can literally translate your unique personality, skills, ideas and interests into a business/career concept you can start creating straight away and that you will LOVE.

Get concrete suggestions for your business or career concept, services, client groups and/or products.

Just imagine spending 2 solid hours with me 100% focused on designing the most perfect version of your business or career and giving you input you haven’t thought of or ideas you weren’t even aware of or knew existed. Excited yet?

Result: At the end of this Design Intensive you will have the solid foundation and concepts for your ideal business or career path.

You will walk away with a clear picture of what kind of business, career or freelancing approach is best for you, so you can start creating it!

Just imagine the relief of knowing exactly what to focus on, so you can stop the endless overthinking and start making sure every minute you invest in your transition is well spent.

Planning & Habits Call

(Skype/Phone – 75 mins) Let’s plan HOW to make it happen!

Having designed your unique business or career concept, we need to translate that into real-life priorities and actions, so you can start making it a reality immediately – So you don’t waste any more time with inaction and sidetracking.

This session is all about PLANNING how to get your transition off the ground, so you know the key things to focus on to get started AND how to juggle a day/contract job at the same time, if necessary.

Look at the image above – Imagine having all of those post-it notes of ideas translated into habits, and actions in your calendar, so you know exactly what to do and when – Step by step.

Getting out of your head and into action is where most aspiring career changers and entrepreneurs fail – Not you – I’ll help you go pro!

Result: At the end of the Planning Call you will have your personalised Escape Game Plan & clear actions for how you can start creating your ideal businesses or career in practical terms.

You will be ready to test drive and launch – Full-time or on the side!

Not only will you know how to start creating your ideal business or career – You will also know what to do to escape your current work scenario – Just imagine the excitement and focus – You’ve got this!

In-Between Sessions Tailored Home-Work & Support


Here’s what you should know:
I’m NOT for everyone!

I want to make sure working with me will be THE best investment you make in yourself and your future this year (and that we get on like a house on fire!).

Please check out the 2 categories below:

If you are in the first one, we sound like a perfect fit.
If you are in the second one, we are not a good fit (at this stage)


We are a perfect fit if:

You are a corporate professional or entrepreneur-in-the-making who’s had enough of being stuck in your current work scenario.

You already have some (or too many) concrete ideas for for what you want to do next, but you need help figuring out which one to focus on.

You are willing and able to invest in professional advice and want to work with an experienced professional to fast-track and focus.

You are willing to get out of your comfort zone and your head AND start taking making your transition a reality in the real world (i.e. no window shoppers please!).

We are not a good fit if:

You are just looking for another job or profession and not open to consider entrepreneurship, freelancing or unique career design.

You have no concrete business or career change ideas at this stage. (Contact me about “Your Career Change Map” instead)

You don’t believe in investing in yourself and professional advice or don’t currently have access to funds for it.

You are not ready to get started with a professional programme now or in the very near future.

Do we sound like a perfect fit?

Do you want to experience massive clarity, focus & results over the next 12 weeks?

Are you done trying to figure it all out by yourself?

Then it’s time for you to get an Escape Game Plan, so you can stop going around in circles and start creating your ideal business, career change or freelance plan – Even whilst holding down a day job if needed.

Let me help you – Just click the button below to discuss working 1:1 & let’s get cracking!

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Talk to you soon!

Warm regards, Rikke